Hans Knot's International Radio Report - March 2009


Welcome radio friends to this month’s edition of the report and thank you for sending in your e mails and other surprises. Listening at the moment to Pirate Johnny Walker and one of these months’ shows where he tries to reincarnate the radio from the MV Rock and Roll. Amazing to hear, after the first song, a new ‘old’ jingle from Steve England and the team! Of course thanks Johnny bringing us some joy again and what a great idea that listeners can only write in into the show. The program can be heard on Saturday evening on BBC 2 from 21 to 23 hours and brings back the music between 1955 and 1975.

The first e mail to mention comes from Northampton from a radio friend for ages: ‘Congratulations in ten years of hard labour with the Radio Report giving pleasure to others, Hans! It is a truly remarkable achievement and you deserve proper recognition for so much hard work. Well done, Andrew Emmerson.’

Well Andrew thanks a lot for your very nice words and I appreciate very much our long radio friendship and that I may last for a much longer period.

I can tell you that the Emperor Rosko didn’t make it as the first to sent in an e mail after last report was posted, but he sent the next within minutes again: ‘Hi Hans, your monthly just popped up on the screen so I have locked the door and gotten out some MRE’S! Thanks for putting that bogus speech report right. I can assure you I do not long speeches. Anyway I will in Great Britain in April to do some promotions.’

Well hope you will have a good time during the trip. I can assure I will in two weeks time, when I’m heading for a weeks travel into England for my work.

Next we see a photo which is taken in the seventies with a woman and a microphone as well as a pirate t shirt. Well the photo was taken at ‘Red Tom's place' and the girl was hired to sing some jingles for WMR, a local radiostation in the North of Holland in those days. The shirt she is wearing was the 1973 version of a Radio Caroline T-shirt. If you have a photo with a radio T-shirt, don’t hesitate to send it to Hans.Knot@gmail.com

Photo Archive: Foundation for Media Communication

Cartoon time in the report as Aart Bakema sent me some cartoons from which I’ve chosen one which was in the Volkskrant, way back in 1971, showing two men talking during a drink at a Congress for Radiology. The question asked is: ‘And what do you think about Radio Veronica?’ If you have also a nice cartoon, don’t forget to send it to me.

Next mail comes from Bill Barnes: ‘I hope you are well. In the Horizon Magazine March April issue, our long running Caroline Magazine we celebrate 45 years of Radio Caroline this Easter with your recollections: Cliff Osbourne on the newest Caroline studios. Also there is an exclusive and candid interview with Radio Caroline’s Peter Moore. Pat Edison will write on his Anthology Challenge and Peter Antony on all the fun of his radio career from Radio Luxembourg to Radio Caroline. Furthermore we have Alan Watts on Caroline music today and Pandora is in a special Caroline at 45 Rockbox. Of course we bring the latest news on The Ross Revenge & The Captains Log.


More and more people are looking for rare material. Sometimes my readers are coming back with super archive material, other times no success has been made. This time a question from the USA: ‘Hello Mr. Knot, my name is Tim Dennis. I produce a couple of radio shows here in Minneapolis, MN., USA. My girlfriend's Grandfather was an announcer on WVRT in Tokyo (Armed Forces Radio) between 1945 and 1952. His name is Ted (Theodore) Fox. We are both trying to either find someone who knew her Grandfather, or has an audio archive with his voice on it. How would we go about this? Any advice you could give would be appreciated! Thank you for your time and consideration, Tim Dennis.’

Well Tim, if there’s no response on this e mail versus the Hans Knot Radio Report I suggest you to search in google with ‘AFN newsgroups’ and several sites will appear to look on and ask your questions.

Next one comes from the UK: ‘Hi Hans. This is my first time of writing to you - so - must say ‘thank you’ for the radio report - always interesting reading. You prompted me to hunt out a photo of my first (and best) car - my little mini! This had loads of car stickers, including five Caroline / Mi Amigo ones on the back window and boot, and a Caroline one on each rear window, making seven in all! Is this a record? I enclose a couple of old photos, taken in the late 1970's. One was at a wedding, so explains the mad clothes I was wearing! (This black and white photo includes all five stickers on the back). The stickers went with the car in 1981 after our first child was born and we found we couldn't fit the pram in the boot! I still managed to display a few over the years and have even got one now in the back of my van! Hans - I've recently done my own website which may be of interest to your readers at www.jimsalmon.co.uk there’s a few pages dedicated to my anorak journey!

All the best to you - and it's good to know I'm not the only radio nutcase left! Jim Salmon.’


Thanks Jim and wonderful to see that the Austin Mini had so many stickers on. However I don’t think it is a record. I remember a television special from 1967 at Dutch NCRV Television about Radio London and a guy was interviewed in his car which was almost totally swallowed with stickers about ‘Free Radio’. As last issue we have this time also a second reader who dived into his photo albums:

‘Hi Hans, long time ago we talked to each other for the last time. Hope all is well with you and Jana. It would be nice to meet up again and share some memories together. In your last newsletter I saw the item about old cars and radio related stickers. When watching Martin’s photo with the Volkswagen, I remembered I had a VW too. During 1978-1979 I drove in the grey Volkswagen each day from Groningen v.v. to the barracks in Nunspeet. On the car radio of course in the early morning and late afternoon, when driving, Radio Caroline. On the frontwindow of the car I had an enormous Radio Caroline car sticker. What also occurred to me is that on both photos you can see that we had more hair on our heads in those days. Greetings, Karel Gerbers.

Karel Gerbers and his Volkswagen

Well, Karel very nice to have heard from you again and also thanks for sharing this photo with my readers. Of course we can meet up someday. Feel free to take the telephone and give me a ring!

Last year we had the long story on the internet about a elderly home for radio people. Paul from England wrote to me: ‘Hello Hans. Looks like your April Fool joke has turned out for real. See: http://www.wightfm.com/
Tony Blackburn, Ed Stewart, Paul Burnett - and the young Mark Wesley from Outward Bound For The Elderly, to keep them all active and fit!’
Well let’s see what was mentioned on the internetsite:
It’s official, wightFM finally launches today (Sunday) at 11am. The new station is to be opened by the Island's MP Andrew Turner at 11am. The Island's No1 presenter Alex Dyke will host the first ever show on wightFM. Alex commented "It's going to be great to be back on air, I cannot wait. We were all in the studio last night listening to our first few minutes of the show and everyone started welling up, we have all put so much
effort and dedication into wightFM". William Smith and Martin Potter the stations owners were also extremely happy. Martin commented "We cannot wait, we have wanted to broadcast live all week but have held back. I'm sure the Island will really welcome this exciting new station at a time when the latest RAJAR figures for IW Radio (The FM alternative) were very disappointing (an overall five year low with only a 29% reach across the Island). This proves that Islander's really want something new and refreshing, and of course we were so happy when we bagged the best ever talent the Island's ever had Alex Dyke. We cannot believe the amount of emails flooding into the studio and the wightFM website can now boast a massive 4,239 people a day visiting the site, that's amazing as we
have not even launched yet." All week listeners have been calling the station to purchase their new Wi-Fi radio. wightFM confirmed that the station has temporally sold out, however more radios are due in on Tuesday 3rd Feb. Everyone at wightFM have promised a great show opener, and are all very
confident for the future, Alex commented "If something is good enough then people will find a way of listening to it, and I plan to make wightFM so
good listeners will be glued to their Wi-Fi radio." The best news is that the Island's phone-in will return with Big Al and The Doc, Alex said, "Beacuse we are not monitored by OFCOM the phone-in will be edgier than ever, Islander's will love it." The stations latest news is they have today added ex Radio 1 DJ, Emporer Rosco to their unbelievable line-up which includes greats such as Mike Read, David (Diddy) Hamilton, Paul Burnett, Mark Wesley, Geoff Hughes, Richard Cartridge, Howard Pearce plus many more.

Well it’s another internet radiostation and it can also be received on special mobile telephones. Two names to mention which were not in the pressreport: Benny Brown is doing a late evening program weekdays and Ed Stewart can be heard on Sundays between 9 AM and noon.

Here is very sad news now, from one of, so if not, the most favorite deejay from the last two decades, concerning BFBS. ‘Hi Hans This is to let you know that I have been made redundant from BFBS after 21 years due to're structuring'. It is a really terrible time, now without a job. I hope you will keep in touch and perhaps be kind enough to send your report to my new e mail address. Veel groetjes en tot ziens Dave Windsor’.

I was shocked to read this message Dave as your program was the sauce on the stations output during the past 20 plus years. Anyone who knows new work for Dave within the Radio Industry can contact him at davewindsor@live.co.uk

Dave Windsor during Caroline Days, Photo: Leen Vingerling

I know it’s late but here’s the February update from the Pirate Hall of Fame
• We have some correspondence and memorabilia from Radio City, kindly provided by listener Angus Boucher;
• we have some television footage filmed aboard Radio Caroline South in 1965, never previously seen in the UK;
• there is news of two new radio shows featuring the music and memories of the pirate era;
• and, as promised, the first attempt at a complete list of the engineers who worked on the offshore stations of the sixties. There are undoubtedly mistakes and omissions at the moment and I would be very grateful if you could let me know if you spot any.
• My thanks, as always, to everyone who has contributed this month. With all best wishes, Jon.
Next is Bob LeRoi: Welcome to the February 2009 Update
Thanks for the magnificent response to our Caroline Roll Call there are dozens of additional names plus many new pictures. To all the eagle eyes that noticed the slip in the last update email, of course the MV Caroline left Greenore not Greenock, spent too much time in Scotland this year! January’s announcement of London Mayor Boris Johnson’s ‘idea’ for an airport in the Thames Estuary promoted several emails and requests for more pictures from Red Sands Radio 2008. One Subject One Link’ : Back to bad language is back on the agenda at the top of the pile, again forced upon us by TV and lately even public radio. We’re saddened to report the death of Paul Stutch one of the Southern England’s nicest radio people. In conjunction with his tribute we publish the long overdue one to Winston Nurse. As always - Enjoy Your Visits.’ www.bobleroi.co.uk

Next are some memories to the sixties. Here a photograph which cames from the archive of Rob Olthof. Lately he brought me a big plastic bag with all kind of newspaper and music magazine cuts from the early sixties. And this colour photograph was one which was also in the bag. Evenings long I’ve sorted out all those cuts and the first of the things, which I want to show you, is a photo taken, I think somewhere in the early eighties. Caroline lovers must have seen which building is on the photo. It shows us 6 Chesterfield Gardens, once the home of the Radio Caroline Head Office in Mayfair, London.

Next e mail came in from Holland where Radio Uilenspiegel follower Henk van Hanegem is living: ‘Suddenly moving pictures appear from the MV Uilenspiegel, once in 1962 home of Radio Uilenspiegel. The voice over brings a rare story which originally belongs not to the shown movie. Also the date is not correct. Nevertheless really rare pictures at: http://nl.youtube.com/watch?v=X78vlSCxIyI

Thanks a lot Henk for sharing this with us. If you’ve anything of interest for the report please send it to HKnot@home.nl and photos please to Hans.Knot@gmail.com

Next one comes from former VOP deejay Paul Fraser who comments on a photo shown in last issue and which was sent in by Coconut: ‘Hans: Thanks for the latest Report. The man on the left in the picture is Tony Stevens. I knew him from land-based pirate radio in the UK. He gave me my first chance on air. He came to the ship not very long after I first joined on the Peaceship. He was primarily a radio and electronics engineer; he also did some programmes. Tim Shepherd will remember him too. I had completely forgotten that shirt I am wearing in the picture. It's not a shirt which is easily forgotten! It's just so hard on the eye, like a riot in an ink factory!
Paul Fraser’.

For those who know the Dutch language there’s now a change to be member of the Foundation Norderney Forum. All kind of subject and discussions are possible at: http://www.norderney.nl/EE/index.php/forums/
Forum leaders are former Radio Veronica technicians Juul Geleick and Ad Bouman.

Stuart Dobson reflected in an email on our subject on the death of Andy Howard: ‘Bilbo Baggins (Andy Howard) worked on the radio ship MV Nannel too. Do you or you readers know where I can obtain a copy of Greg Pierson's TV documentary Swinging Radio England A Tale Of Pirates, Texans and Teenagers? Also where can I download a copy of Dave Busons Air Traffic Control?’

Well Stuart I don’t think the SRE is officially out and the question on Air Traffic Control maybe can be answered by a reader at HKnot@home.nl

I know you’re thinking! What is Hans going to tell about this boats? Nothing at all. It’s more the quayside where the boats are lying. I’ve talked a lot and written a lot about this place. Three radio ships have been there. Two of them were there in the late sixties, and one in the early nineties. It’s the Oosterhamrikkade in Groningen. Here the MV Cito (Peace ship). Zeevaart (King David Capital Radio) and some 300 metres further on the Norderney had their temporary place. The photo has been taken on January 31st by Martin van der Ven. He and his wife Ulrike as well as Rob Olthof joined Jana and me in a wonderful weekend, where we also talked about the forthcoming Radio Day. Update on the Radio Day will be place regularly on our new internet site www.radioday.nl

Oosterhamrikkade Groningen. Photo Martin van der Ven

More rare pictures are to come in the Hans Knot International Radio Report, with first a contribution from Joel from the USA.
‘Hello Hans: They are a bit blurry, but I thought you'd enjoy seeing these photos of Mr. King when he visited me at AFN Berlin. Enjoy! Joel O'Brien
Randolph, Vermont USA.’ Well Joel thanks a lot and we took this one to show the public.

Joel O’Brien is the one left and Dennis King (Caroline) is behind the microphone. Photo archive Joel O’Brien

Talking about AFRTS the monthly mail from Thom Wheston came in: ‘This month we can add Chris Noel to the group that said hi. It also includes Gene Price and Charlie Tuna. Wolfman Jack's producer has checked in. Sometimes it leaves me star-struck. I hope that you enjoy. This time the focus is on the early 80s (mostly). If you saved anything, if you have any requests, if you want off of this email list, just drop me a note. Have a great day! Thom Whetston. http://afrts.cjb.net

You could compare Thom with the work I do, but than for the AFRTS and AFN lovers.

I also must give a plug to the Unofficial Radio Report from Steve Smidt, which can be found at: www.offshore-radio.de

Those who visit the annual Radio Days recognize the organising committee on the above photo: Rob Olthof, Hans Knot and Martin van der Ven. I wrote already that we were together to discuss plans for this years Radio Day and did some nostalgic tripping. Earlier on you saw the photograph taken at the Oosterhamrikkade. This one is taken some 500 meters more to the East in Groningen city at the Gorechtkade. In the back you see the shed on which is painted the words ‘Radio London’. And it’s already there since 1966. Really a pilgrimage! Photo: Jana Knot-Dickscheit

Talking about the Radio Day, news will be updated regularly on www.radioday.nl Just a little talking out of the kitchen? Charlie Wolfe wrote us to do his utmost to be there in November for the Laser reunion. Also AFN Historican Ingo Paternoster will do a special on this station. More names to be mentioned soon!

Ian Godfrey is a regular contributor to the report and wrote: ‘Dear Hans, just thought I'd e mail you on a couple of points. A couple of days ago I received the information that there was a copy of 'Script No. 3' on Ebay, plus other issues of the magazine. Having never attempted to buy anything on Ebay I've been finding it pretty difficult to get anywhere near the bidding stage. I've just spoken to someone at 'Pirate Radio Sales' and I put the 'phone down thinking it couldn't be easier, but I've still had no success!
It's a bit frustrating as I'm so near but so far. I feel there must be another way of contacting the seller - he may be a receiver of the International Report.’

So once again Ian is on search for Script Magazine number 3. A photocopy would be fine. If anyone can provide it please write to HKnot@home.nl

Ian went on with: ‘One thing I omitted from my last e mail was a comment on the Caroline North programme which was broadcast on several BBC stations around Christmas. I listened to it on 'Pirate Radio Skues' on 4th January. I couldn't believe how it could have 'slipped through the net!' The audio quality was appalling. A lot of it was ultra-trebly and sounded like listening to an FM station about 5 kHz off-channel. I look forward to the next Report. With Best Wishes, Ian Godfrey.’

Well Ian I got a link from someone and listened, or must say tried to listen, to it but decided to stop after 15 minutes as it was terrible quality on several places.

Next an e mail from Norway: ‘Dear radio friend. We appreciated your kind input. As you see, we are considering the future of our project, but at least, it seems access will be given to the LKB site near the city of Bergen.
We are thinking about building a medium-sized AM radio station there. And we are looking for sponsors. We don't think such a station can be regular commercial radio and be profitable. But with good programming it could be a "billboard" for the big project with DRM. Thank you again for taking the time to write! My best wishes, Svenn Martinsen, Northern Star International Broadcasters AS

Next one comes from another train anorak: ‘Hi Hans. I noticed on your latest report that you mention a few people have an interest in buses and trams etc. Well, here is a link to a Site which I belong to. It's only a small site at the moment, but it's growing gradually. It is: www.truckandbusforum.com I hope the link works. As always, thank you for your monthly reports which re always interesting and informative. Regards. Chris Faulkner.’

It’s like the man above is thinking: ‘Hi there good people’. It’s Graham Gill in his special suit he bought when he had to go for a job on Big L in the sixties. Real nostalgic isn’t! Photo is taken by Jana Knot-Dickscheit some years ago.
I sent one to Graham and he responded with: ’Hi there Hans, firstly, many thanks for the nice picture. As you are no doubt aware, I'm still busy with writing my Autobiography (Book). It all begins in Melbourne, Australia, because at the age of 12, I had my own small but well listened to Radio Station 3WM, which was only on the air at weekends. Then in 1950 I joined Melbourne's Top Radio Station - 3UZ. Its regular call sign was always, "THIS IS THE GREATER 3UZ’. This is where my professional radio career really started. So the first part of my book deals with stations 3UZ, 3KZ, where I worked along side good old "fluff" - Alan Freeman, before joining Radio 2RG. This was the last station in Australia, where I spent 10 very happy years (1956 – 1966) before embarking on what was to be another exciting part of my life: sailing around the world and getting involved in Pirate Radio. That's about all for now without revealing too many secrets which will be in the book when it's finished soon. My warm greetings to both you and Jana. Graham’.

Thanks a lot Graham and of course we’re looking forward to receive a review copy of the book when it’s published. Take care and we’re being in touch soon again!

The next news came to us from several sources: ‘Steve Scruton has just announced on BBC Essex that Pirate BBC Essex will be returning on Good Friday at 9 a.m. It will broadcast from the LV18 anchored at the HalfPenny Pier in Harwich. The station will broadcast for four days. This will tie in with ’The Boat That Rocked’ film, there is a possibility that the films charity
premiere will take place at the Electric Palace. There is also a possibility that an original offshore broadcaster who was not involved in the 04 and 07 broadcasts will be on board, the clue given was "woof woof".

On the same day the next one came in from Chris and Mary Payne: ‘It's official – 2007 wasn't 'the last time' after all, and Pirate BBC Essex is back broadcasting from the LV18 on line and on all the usual BBC Essex frequencies this Good Friday (April 10th) to Easter Monday (13th)!
Confirmed participants include LV18 old hands Roger Day, Keith Skues and Johnnie Walker, but there's a new 'cabin boy' – Tony Blackburn! This time, the ship will be tied up alongside the Ha'penny Pier. 2009, of course, marks the 45th anniversary of the launch of Radios Atlanta, Caroline, City and London, alongside the much-anticipated release of the Richard Curtis comedy movie, 'The Boat That Rocked', which is generating tremendous interest in the subject of Watery Wireless. The first time we heard the words 'Pirate BBC Essex', it sounded like the ultimate oxymoron, but the BBC Essex team has more than proved that it can do the pirates proud. Our photo-galleries from the two previous broadcasts in 2004 and 2007, are here to prove it.

From three readers the next came in on February 20th: ‘Roger Day has just sent out this message on his Facebook group: "Subject: The Week Ahead. Hi Hello How Are You? Two very exciting bits of news. Next Saturday I'm a guest on Johnnie Walkers Saturday evening show.The big news is the return of Pirate BBC Essex at Easter from a lightship off Harwich. I'm going to be on Friday Afternoon and Breakfast on the Saturday and Sunday. I do wish it could be a permanent station.’

So a must to listen to if you can receive the station.

Part of a nationwide report about Radio Jackie's pirate days has just been uploaded to YouTube, shows them setting up the transmitter and aerial, and interviews them on site as well as Mike Knight in his bedroom. Starts with 20 seconds of footage of the protest march against RNI jamming:

Talking about the movie the next came in too: ‘Rhys fans in the The Boat That Rocked, a new film about 1960s pirate radio. But the fear that the arrival of offshore pirate radio stations drove into the broadcasting establishment has only now become clear. Previously unseen documents from the BBC archives disclose how the corporation was so alarmed at the rise of the stations that it launched a secret “dirty tricks” campaign to have them shut down. The files show the extraordinary lengths to which the corporation went to undermine their new rivals, which operated without restriction from ships or wartime forts outside British territorial waters.

Congratulations time! ‘Greetings Hans, Just to let you know that Offshore Music Radio will be five years old this March 20th, and still going strong.
If you have the time, would you like to record a birthday greeting via mp3 just like the one you did for us on our opening day, we would like to play it during our birthday week and during the day on March 20th. Hope your keeping well and I do enjoy reading your radio report. Best Wishes, Colin Stevens.’

Well you can take contact, as you know by phone. Forget to tell you that I’m not at the number between March 9th and March 17th. Have a lot of fun with the birthday! And for the readers see the next internetlink.

In February 2007 Charlie Wolf was round the corner again asking for more information on a former colleague from the time they both worked on Laser 558: ‘Hans, do you or anyone in the Free Radio community have any information on the whereabouts of Liz West? Tommy Rivers and I would like to contact her. Can you ask around and I would appreciate any information you may have. Regards, Charlie Wolf. ‘

Liz West Freewave Archive

At that time I didn’t had any answer about Liz West, who worked together with Charlie and Tommy on Laser 558 in the mid eighties of last century, so I put it into the Radio Report. On February 26th this year, more than two years later, the sad answer was given by Liz' brother: ‘Hi, Liz passed away in 2002 in Virginia of causes not known to me or my brother. She was my sister. Sincerely, Geoff West.’

It’s very sad news, of course to hear this. Liz was one of the Laserettes, and worked for Laser 558 at a unique stage when more than one lady worked on an offshore radio station at one time! Geoff has promised me to come back later with some of his memories of her sister.

Next a very short e mail: ‘I was unaware of this wonderful video!- Clive. ‘

Hi, Clive. Thanks a lot for your e mail, of course it’s a beautiful video but it’s fake. I see elements of several movies shot by television stations as well as private videos by crewmembers of the Fredericia. In the days of modern techniques it’s well done but it doesn’t give me a happy idea to influence the anoraks. Greetings, Hans.

Next an internet page and a tip: search for Ross Revenge!

A very warm welcome to a new reader: ‘Greetings Hans, when I contacted you via a pal's email, you asked me to send my email when I got one. You are the first person to be sent it. I have enjoyed reading your radio pages on my pal's computer. Don't listen to radio much these days, last station was Arrow Classic Rock before it went onto FM. But have been listening to Pirate Johnnie Walker on BBC Radio Two and Tim Gillett on BBC Essex. In October 1990 I was asked by a friend to do a show on the LV18 but all I did was play the tracks and didn't speak because I was a very late stand-in for a DJ and I was given only 30 minutes to learn how to work the equipment, which didn't include the microphone!! It was a Radio Caroline RSL. Enough chat from me.
Regards, Bill.’

Well Bill welcome to the club of radio people and enthusiast and whenever you want to share memories please feel free to send them in.

Next two e mails from Wales: ‘Hi Hans. I've noticed over the last week that there is a TV or radio station listed on the TVU tuner (www.tvunetworks.com) called Radio Caroline 531. It has been inactive to date. Is this another entity using the famous name? For those unfamiliar with TVU, it is a company that streams radio and television channels on the internet. I'll update if anything appears on the channel. Best regards, Dee Coombes. (S.Wales, UK.)’

Well Dee, I can’t give you any proper answer. So anyone who can please answer at HKnot@home.nl

Oh, I almost forgot. Martin van der Ven has made a timetable on our site about all the radio days from the past three decades. Anyone who can add more info and photos please send them in. http://www.radioday.nl/timetable.htm

Next pages are brining interesting historical things about German radio.

Remember Radio Waddenzee went with their lightship from the harbour of Harlingen to the Wadden sea for some days of broadcasts last year? Well here you can find a video made by Ger Kracht and his team.

Talking about Radio Waddenzee I can tell you that the experiment from last year with live programming from out of sea will repeated this year. Not only due to the yearly rowing race between Harlingen and Terschelling on May 22nd but also there will be a sailing race between Harlingen and Terschelling on June 4th and 5th. Last year there were only live programming on Radio Waddenzee during daytime, after which was switched to taped programs from Radio Seagull. This year one of two deejays of the Seagull team will be also on the ship to do live programming. Due to a shortage of accommodation not all Seagull deejays can be on the vessel. Like last year there is a possibility to visit the ship. Saturday May 23rd and Sunday May 24th are planned for visits to the ship. Reservations have to be made in advance. For more information write to: radiowaddenzee@home.nl

Via Media Network we heard the following news on February 26th: Radio Caroline's Breakfast jock Tony Paul caught up with actor Bill Nighy recently in Hollywood and persuaded him to give Radio Caroline listeners the inside scoop in his upcoming movie ‘The Boat That Rocked’. Bill, who plays the owner of a pirate radio station, spoke exclusively to Tony about making the film and about his fond memories growing up in the south of England listening to Radio Caroline. Nighy, the star of Love, Actually, The Pirates of the Caribbean, and The Girl in the Café, is an avid rock fan and talks with Tony about his favorite bands and the indulgence rock and roll has had on his life.
‘The Boat That Rocked’ is written and directed by Richard Curtis (Four Weddings and A Funeral, Notting Hill, Love Actually) and also stars Rhys Ifans, Kenneth Branagh, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Jack Davenport, Nick Frost, and Emma Thompson. It is inspired by the Radio Caroline story and parts of the studio on the radio ship Ross Revenge were used to re-create the pirate ship. Ex-Caroline man Johnnie Walker acted as adviser during filming. Tony Paul's world exclusive interview with Bill Nighy will be broadcast on the Radio Caroline Breakfast show, between 0700 and 0900 UTC, all next week starting Monday 2 March. Radio Caroline is on Sky Channel 0199, can be added as an extra satellite channel on Freesat or is available via the web at: http://radiocaroline.servemp3.com/

Suddenly a former Caroline North deejay, who was still missing in the Pirate Hall of Fame, showed up when he sent me an e mail: ‘Tony Jay (real name David James) is alive and well and living on his farm in west Wales. After leaving Radio Caroline he and his wife Edna started a discotheque hire company which became very successful. Amongst some of the deejays they employed were Dale Winton, Bob Harris the late Peter Tate and the producer Alan Sherwin. I worked on Caroline North and I replaced Simon Dee when he left the organisation.’

Well welcome to the long list of found deejays Tony and I hope you will find some time to write some memories on the days of the Fredericia to share with our readers. Also an old and new photo would be welcome to HKnot@home.nl

The official website from Denmark brings a story on 50 years Radio Mercur

Well this issue we had a lot of short bits and peaches. Hope to bring a longer story in next issue, which will be out in early April. We end this edition with a photograph which was taken in 1985 in Spain showing a team of six ladies from the Radio Monique promotion team. If you have any photograph featuring radio t-shirts we would like to publish it too in our Hans Knot International Radio Report.


Till next month I wish you all the best and keep on listening to radio!

Hans Knot



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