Hans Knot's International Radio Report - April 2009


Dear all,

first of all thanks a lot for your e mails with stories, requests and memories. Off course a lot of them will be answered versus this issue, which is once again a bumper one! First let’s go back to the very sad news I brought you last month of the death of Laserette Liz West. Tom Mulder, former Veronica, TROS and Radio 10 deejay was a dedicated follower of the broadcasts from Laser 558 and he wrote to me: ‘That’s a very sad message. One can say that Laser succeeded in very short time to bring a successful and talented team of professional radio ladies. We can tell a lot of negative things from Laser days but surely not of the Laserettes. It’s very sad to hear that Liz passed away at a much too young age.

Next was Geoff West, Liz brother who wrote: ‘Here's a transcript of an interview that Liz did with John Anderson of "Yes" in 1997 when she was working for Z-93 in Atlanta, GA (USA). The link to the sound byte appears to be broken. http://www.tranglos.com/marek/yes/ja_interview_Z93.html
Also you can find a photobook featuring Liz in all ages: http://s182.photobucket.com/albums/x210/Geoff0829/LIZ%20WEST/?albumview=slideshow

Thanks for that Geoff and after we e-mailed a few times he expressed to me that he would love to hear more from people who have known Liz in the past. Geoff himself lost track of his sister a very long time ago. It’s a very sad story but I hope someone can tell Geoff more after reading the next lines: ‘I am Liz's half brother, sharing the same father. I'm 13 years older. Our father and her mother were divorced when Liz was very young, so she was raised by her mother. She grew up in Florida and I lived in Texas . As such I would see her only when I visited my father, almost annually where he lived in Naples, FL. In 1973 I moved to Naples, Florida for about 6 months, then to Ft. Lauderdale for 3 years. I saw Liz quite a bit during this one period. I taught her to drive a car (mine) when she was 13 and she used to go flying with me (I was in the Naples Civil Air Patrol). She attended the prestigious Pinecrest School in Ft. Lauderdale. I lost track of Liz after that until our father's 75th birthday in June of 1981 when we reunited in Naples to celebrate our father's birthday. That was the last time I saw her. In the mid 1980's I happened to be watching the Today Show's coverage of the Laser558. It was really a trip to see Liz on TV sporting a fake British accent. If I can get a copy of that piece I'll send you a copy. A couple of years later she mailed me an 8X10 promo picture of her at the board of the Luxembourg radio station where she was working.

That was the last I heard from her. In January of 2003 I asked a friend of mine, who owns a bill collection agency, to try to locate her. (Those people are good at that sort of thing.) She came up with a social security death index record showing that Liz had passed away on April 30, 2002, just four days shy of her 41st birthday. This link shows the record:

The record indicates that her last known address was in Richmond, VA and that she had been identified by a family member (which would have likely been her mother). Unfortunately, we haven't been able to locate her mother for years because she has a judgment against her for $40,000 UDS by our father's estate. She had collected alimony from him for 17 years until his death in 1981, then sued his estate when he died for continued alimony. (She was actually suing Liz, her own daughter, who had 1/4 of the estate). The case was dismissed, and we have the judgment against her for attorneys' fees. So she has been hiding from us for over 25 years. She may not still be living for all we know.

Except for her mother and possibly some friends Liz had in Richmond, no one seems to know what happened to her. I found out that she had worked in Atlanta for Z93 because I found a transcript of an interview she did on the air with John Anderson of "Yes" in Maui, HI. I spoke with the station's program director who told me she had helped Liz get an apartment in Richmond, VA when she left the Atlanta station, but she never heard from Liz again. So. . . the mystery continues.’

Thanks Geoff for this long and very sad story. So I hope people who have known Liz during the Laser 558 period and afterwards could write their experience with her in a private e mail to me, so I can forward it to Geoff. HKnot@home.nl I can assure you they will not be published so former colleagues of Liz please help het stepbrother to gain some memories.

And from our friends of Offshore Echos Magazine came the next:
‘It was with great sadness we recently learnt of the death of Liz West, more so as it was discovered she had passed away in 2002. A tribute and an interview from her Laser 558 days are now online at: www.offshoreechos.com

Some time ago I got from the USA an e mail with the question if I would like to forward it to Benny Brown as the sender thought Radio Luxembourg would come on the air again. It was Freddie Belmont sending it. Benny answered the mail, which included a demo, very friendly stating there were no plans to bring the station on the air on the moment. Then Freddie tried it with another well known station and so I waited what would happen next. March 20th another mail from Freddie came in: ‘Hi Hans hope you are keeping well.
I have not heard anything thing in reply from my Demos for the monster hits show. So I have put them out on youtube. I made some graphics up to make them into video. It’s just the audio you have already heard. Maybe the internet can turn something up! Could you put these two links in you radio pages saying they are demos and the show is looking for a home? It's fun filled family entertainment, with lots of audience participation spots.

Hope you can get the word out a bit for me in your pages. Thank you in advance Hans. All the best, Freddie Belmont.

Well Freddie, I hope someone will be very enthusiastic and tries to contact you at: Freddie.Belmont@gmail.com

Last Report brought this next item: "Next e mail came in from Holland where Radio Uilenspiegel follower Henk van Hanegem is living: "Suddenly moving pictures appear from the MV Uilenspiegel, once in 1962 home of Radio Uilenspiegel. The voice over brings a rare story which originally belongs not to the shown movie. Also the date is not correct. Nevertheless really rare pictures at: http://nl.youtube.com/watch?v=X78vlSCxIyI"
Herman Content from Belgium read it and reflected on the pictures: ‘Hans, in the documentary ’75 Years of Radio History in Belgium’, which was transmitted a couple of years ago on VRT Canvas and to which I provided some audioclips, these Uilenspiegel moving pictures originally showed up. Listening to the sound on you tube I think the voice of the lady comes from a local West Flemish television station. Probably it was on WTV. If Henk van Hanegem wishes to have a DVD copy of the mentioned VRT Canvas Documentary, please feel free to ask for it on: Hknot@home.nl

MV Uilenspiegel on beach near Retranchement (Photo: Hans Knot Archive)

Hans van Vuuren is a dedicated follower of the Dutch group TEE SET and is currently busy writing a book about this group from The Hague in Holland, which had a massive international hit with ‘My Bell Amie’. He’s looking for some goodies and is asking if any of the readers can provide him with the next things. First of all he is on the look for a 1970 / 71 Coca Cola Commercial featuring TEE-SET and the voiceover Jos Brink, please on good quality. Also he is searching for original copies of two Radio Noordzee Super Hit 50 Hit lists, which you could obtain in the recordshops between 1971 and August 1974. On both lists TEE SET is mentioned: Top 50 01-05-1971 with TS – In Your Eyes on number 4 and Top 50 13-01-1973 with the ‘treiterschijf’ (stations hitpick) TS – ‘There Goes Johnny With My Lady’. So anyone who can help Hans van Vuuren please sent an email HKnot@home.nl

Example of a Radio Noordzee Top 50

Next we go to France. Dear Hans, a few years ago I sent you a newspapercut about Radio Carla (April 1973) and Willem Beusenberg. When I read your newsletter today I came across Radio Uilenspiegel. I still have 8 mm movies taken during an holiday way back in 1964 or 1965 with my parents to Cadzand. I remember that I found it then very fascinating to see the ship on the beach. I remember that a lot of things were very rusty and that the ship was not lying very stable, If you’re interested just me know. Theo Hoekstra from Blabot in France.’
Well due to the fact we try to collect as most as possible from an historic point of view it’s very welcome to get a DVD copy whenever you’ve the time to do so. Thanks a lot in advance. By the way I come back to Beusenberg later in the report.

Who does remember the special programs from Radio Noordzee, way back in the seventies? Well related to the first nine months of programming of the Dick Voormekaar Show as well as the Abominabele Top 2000 soon a cd with unique recordings as well as a book will be published. Keep this next internet site in mind for more information: http://www.jingleweb.nl/index.html

Big thanks to Bob Baird who mentioned that a 27 min special on offshore station Radio Scotland could be relistened too for some days on BBC Radio Scotland. Bob also wrote: Hopefully, Tony Currie will put it on youtube or on his website - http://www.radiosix.com/ Tony Currie, a big Scottish anorak, sounds like he had lots of fun doing it! Tony does continuity for BBC Scotland TV as well as other radio things, including his Radio 6. Of course, he also contributes to your excellent International Radio Report, which is always essential reading. Former land based Scottish pirate 'Radio Freedom International' now broadcasts on the web under the call sign of 'Scotland 69am' :- http://www.freeradio.org.uk/ The site has some Scottish Free Radio recordings from the past such as: "Radio Freedom International", "Radio Free Caroline", "Radio Caroline South" and "Radio Telstar" with Martin Davis aka Tom Wilson who went on to become one of Radio Forth's top presenters. Must go now and sell some more trains in my shop! Kind regards Bob Baird’.

Thanks a lot for all the info Bob, most appreciated. And have fun selling trains. It must have been grown out of another addicted hobby!

Next once comes from Martin King: “Hi Hans. Once again thanks for a great report. The link to Jim Salmons site was very interesting; his photos of the final trips out to the MEBO 2 and Norderney in the last days of August 1974 brought back some memories, and a question. Does anyone remember or have a photo of the trip boat ‘Morgenstern’? (Not sure if it was the Dutch or German spelling). I think it was one of the Vrolijk Brothers boats but I could be wrong. On a recent trip to the 2nd inner harbour of Scheveningen I noticed all the boats were now Trip Tender 1, 2 , and I think Trip Senior, so the Morgenstern could be one of these renamed. I remember the Captain refusing to go anywhere near the Mi Amigo (which was some way away from the other two ships), he said they do not want visitors and will turn the hose on us! He probably made this up to save himself some fuel. I uploaded some video I came across, can't remember where I got it or I would put a credit, it was filmed on the Ross in heavy sea's and Mike Barrington can be seen on deck, anyway it's here if anyone wants to claim it
Best regards, Mark King.

Well Mark thanks for the video on you tube as well your story on visiting Scheveningen harbour recently. I can tell you none of the Trips vessels is the Morgenster. This vessel was used as one of the vessels from Radio Delmare in the late seventies of last century and of course we have a photo for you.

Morgenster leaving Scheveningen harbour (Photo: Jan Kat)

I sent the above and other photos I had from the MV Morgenster in an email to Mark and he came back with: ‘Fantastic, thanks for the pix, of course I remember Radio Delmare but had no idea that I'd been on board the vessel. Best regards Mark King.’

I’ve listened to all episodes of the ‘Pirate Johnny Walker’ and made a big mistake in last report by mentioning the wrong day, when it’s transmitted. Some readers reflected like: John Aston: ‘Just a quick line to point out that ' Pirate Johnny Walker ', is aired on Saturday not Sunday on BBC Radio 2 from 21 : 00 through to 23 : 00 hrs, The web site for this show has some good pictures on it. Keep Up the Good Work. Regards, John.’
And also this one: I hope I find you well, thank you for the latest and previous reports, excellent as usual. The Pirate Johnnie Walker is on Saturday evenings at those times not on a Sunday as stated on your latest report, really enjoy like you said those fantastic jingles and the music to go with them, and Johnnie as always on top form. Best wishes to you and the rest of the good people who read your report. Brian Young c/o www.radiosamantha.eu
Pat Baker reflected on the sad news that Dave Windsor lost his job at BFBS where he was working for decades. Pat has a logging of many deejays who have worked for Radio Caroline and wrote me: Dave ’Winds’ Windsor last day on Caroline was at October 24th 1985 after 21 days of seasickness on the Ross Revenge, but what an excellent jock he was!’

Next the March update to The Pirate Radio Hall of Fame.
New for March: Correspondent Mavis Kemsley has kindly provided some great photos of the late Ed Moreno; we remember Don Allen's 'Caroline Revival Hour' which was broadcast on Radio Andorra forty years ago this month; we have added a few more names to our ever-growing database of offshore engineers of the sixties; there is news of the return of 'Pirate BBC Essex' this Easter and on the impending arrival of Richard Curtis's new film, 'The Boat That Rocked', set aboard a fictitious offshore station. I am fairly certain the engineer’s database is still incomplete. There must be missing names. If anyone can provide more information about the offshore engineers of the sixties, please get in touch. My thanks, as ever, to everyone who has already contributed. With best wishes, Jon Myer www.offshoreradio.co.uk

From Jon to Gary is one small step: ‘Hello Hans, just to let you know South Herts Radio is now uploading DX programmes along with more offshore and land based pirate radio programmes including the other radio Caroline documentary from our playback and listen on demand services. Our web stream has been off air lately due to some software problems and hosting issues but this will be back very soon. It is still working on a hit and miss basis most weekends for now, 73's, Gary.
http://www.southhertsradio.com SHR International - Free radio from the communities of South Hertfordshire.

Time now for Steve Conway: ’A while ago I gave you the news that my book "Shiprocked - Life On The Waves With Radio Caroline" would be published by Liberties Press, and I promised to update you later with more information. I'm delighted to be able to confirm that everything is on track for a publication date of March 31st, and to confirm that the book will be on sale at a price of £10.99 sterling or €14.99 euro. The book will be available through bookshops in the UK and Ireland, and the usual online retailers such as Amazon etc. ISBN 978-1-905483-62-4 I'm also delighted to be able to tell you of a very special offer that is being made available to anyone who pre-orders or buys the book via the Radio Caroline web shop at www.radiocaroline.co.uk by Easter Sunday. These orders via the Radio Caroline web shop will receive a password allowing access online to a specially produced PDF booklet, which contains an additional 10% of content - roughly 9,000 words - not included in the printed edition of the book. After all the years of enjoyment that Caroline has given me, and the doors that it has opened in my career, I am very pleased to be able to offer this special package for sales via the Caroline web shop, as my way of saying "thank you" to The Lady. The RNLI is also very close to my heart, and I am similarly pleased to have been able to arrange a number of special fundraising readings in support of the lifeboats - the first of these took place in Dun Laoghaire last month, and there will be further RNLI fundraisers in Dun Laoghaire and Galway between now and June. Through my agent, Seven Towers, I will be arranging a number of other readings and signings at locations in the Ireland and the UK over the next few months, and I will bring details of these to you in due course. Kindest Regards, Steve Conway.’

From Tsjecho an e mail from Dennis King, former Caroline deejay in 1972/1973, who was in the last report as a very young lad attending an AFN radioshow: ‘Thank you for the pictures you sent me. Hope you and the family are ok. I now have my own Internet-station http://www.kingfm.net.
All the best, Dennis King.’

Then time for Ro who wrote: our web site for link radio is now 25 years old www.myspace.com/linkradiotrust thank you Ron Prosser.

In last issue I showed you a portrait of a female singer doing some jingles and wearing a 1973 t shirt from Caroline days. It was Bob Lawrence who reflected with: ‘The woman with a microphone ......... looks like my old Radio Delmare t shirt Hans. Regards, Bob’ www.boblawrence.co.uk

Indeed a real copy of the Caroline shirt, only another station is mentioned.

Another shot of the Caroline shirt. (Photo: Rob Olthof)

I must admit Bob that I’ve never seen before the Delmare T-shirt. But the similarity has all to do with one person, which is Gerard van der Zee or known as Gerard van Dam under his own name. In 1972/73 he was involved in Radio Caroline and also working part time for the shop Boom Boom in The Hague. I think there the Caroline t shirt was born. He later took the idea with him to Delmare, where he was the big man behind the organisation. If you’ve an interesting t shirt of car with a radio sticker on it please sent a photo to HKnot@home.nl

In Holland Aart Veldman wrote two books in the past years about the subject ‘landbased pirate radio’. He has also an interesting site, whereby pirates are also one of the subjects: www.aartveldman.net

In 1979 the first canary onboard the MV Mi Amigo died. Wilson was his name and op the next weblog you find some pictures of the special ceremony which took place on the radio ship http://wimvanegmond.web-log.nl/wimvanegmond/

With thanks to Andy Sennit the next item: Former offshore radio DJ Tom Edwards has written a long article (illustrated) for the Mail on Sunday reflecting on his offshore radio career that started on Radio City when he was just 19, after which he moved on to Radio Caroline. Tom is currently writing his autobiography. He and Johnnie Walker will be among the DJs recreating the pirate sound on the LV18 ship anchored off Harwich on BBC Radio Essex for four days over Easter. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-1158007/My-stormy-life-aboard-boat-rocked-Britain---A-DJ-looks-pirate-radio-era.html

Also an interesting article in The Times archive blog, includes Edward Short in Parliament on the governments proposed new service: The Government were in no doubt that there was a wide demand for continuous light music and that it would be right to meet this demand. He did not think it was a demand for non-stop "pop". Clearly the housewife who was at home during the day, as some were still, liked to hear "We'll gather lilacs" and that sort of nostalgic music. Also includes a good piece from an American visitor on his impressions of Radio One:
With thanks to Mike B.

A regular item in the Hans Knot International Radio Report is ‘lost and found’ or people who have worked in offshore radio suddenly reappear again. Early March I got an e mail from Monica Callow in Perth Australia who wrote me a simple line: ‘Hi I can sent you Tara's email. She lives in Perth Western Australia these days. Cheers. Monica Callow.’
Immediately Tara Jeffries came up in my mind as one of the deejays of the Voice of Peace we didn’t find back to invite at the reunion in November 2007. I mailed Monica and she very kindly helped me to get in contact with Tara, who wrote me back after I told her that former colleagues were already on search for her for many years:
‘Dear Hans, I am astounded that you managed to find me – I was not hiding but I now live in Australia and only keep in touch with Alan King from the V.O.P. days. I was unable to open the link to the reunion pictures (sadly) and was very sad to hear of Abe’s passing. I have extraordinary memories of T.V.O.P. I will try to down load the book. I was sent a link many years ago (by another Voice of Peace member) which showed the sinking of the ship. My children have never heard my radio work, nor do they know about PIRATE RADIO – but I am very proud of being in the small club of women who worked on Pirate Radio and the small band of women who worked on the Peace Ship… I remember the call sign and can hear it clear as anything… ‘C'est la voix de paix – This is the Voice of Peace’. I remember Abe broadcasting the Peace Hour – I remember Phil Sayer (who I went on to work with in Commercial Radio in England). Thanks for the memory

Voice of Peace off Tel Aviv coast (Photo: Archive Hans Knot).

Of course I informer our big Peace Ship fellow Don Stevens about Tara being found:

‘Wow!!! That is great news Hans; I could not find a thing about her. you have excelled yourself sir. I hope you still have at least one copy of your fine book. Send it to her Hans, I will cover all costs, she will be thrilled to see that her contribution to Free Radio is acknowledged, and by one as fine as yourself. Gosh!!! Hans, you are like a magician, producing rabbits out of hats, and the hat is not visible, I am so pleased that you have found one of Free Radio's unsung female hero's (heroine sounds so old school, and illegal). I am so proud of you Hans, you are a true friend of Free Radio and her servants, and you have opened up a fascinating window. A Very Happy Amigo, Don.’

Next thing was informing Tara about the happiness of Don Stevens and she came back with:

‘Dear Hans please pass my very best on to Don – I remember him so well. Please also tell him I will pass on the fee for all the nice things he said.
I have not been hiding from my Radio Days - not at all; I remember them with a great deal of pride and the occasional silly smile. My friend and mentor Allan King, (who sent a number of DJ’s to the Peace Ship) - has been my main contact in England and through him I keep in contact with the past. After the Voice of Peace; I went back to England and freshened up my craft- I went to work in commercial radio in England and did stints on Radio Hallam – Swansea Sound – Chiltern Radio – LBC (I worked for LBC for a great many years) – I also did various and assorted stints on other stations and I did a little Television, but I was never the most glamorous of people and because radio was my first love I always went back to the microphone.
I came to Australia on a short holiday in 1986 and met my wonderful husband. When I left to go back to England via India my husband followed me and proposed, the rest as they say is history. I worked in Australian Radio (ABC) for a few years when I first married, but it was strange to be told I had a “Far Too British Accent”. My children arrived in 1990 and 1991 and radio and a career went out of the window. My husband is a scientist and we were posted all over Australia – I kept my hand in with commercial work and a few shows here and there but it is very hard to find reliable people to look after your children when your in remote parts of Australia.
Now – sadly I am far too old to contemplate going back to radio and technology has changed so much that I fear I am a dinosaur in a world of teenager wiz kids. My children have never heard me on radio (They have heard my commercial work but not my on air work) and when they googled the Voice of Peace and the name Tara Jefferies came up they both insisted it was someone else not their mother. It was lovely to know someone remembered me. I am so pleased you took the time and trouble to track me down. Regards, Tara.

From the Voice of Peace we go to Rob Mesander, who did get a Radio Award in 2007 as the Anorak of the Year. He has a question concerning the special programs, partly presented by Robbie Dale, in 1969. Radio Popular de Mallorca was the show Mesander mend. His question was if these shows were only transmitted for those on Mallorca or also on Veronica. Well I first went with the question to the Admiral Robbie Dale himself who answered with:

‘Hi Hans,
The answer to Rob’s question is: the “Radio Popular de Mallorca” programs sponsored by Orange Tree Beer and Transavia were pre- recorded in Hilversum at the Radio Veronica Studios and then flown down to Mallorca each week. 28 hours of taped programs in Dutch and English targeting the tourist market, transmitted from a legal land based independent station in Spain. I did 14 hour per week and the famous Veronica jocks like Rob Out, Lex Harding, Jan van Veen ,Tineke , Joost den Draayer and Tom Collins did an hour or two each week. I recall the excitement amongst the Veronica staff when Bull made the announcement about this new venture. At the time it was considered as a break though. Greetings, Robbie’.

Thanks Robbie. I also found back the interview on the RadioDay 1994 Jelle Boonstra and I had with Bull Verwey. He told us that he was on holiday on Mallorca that he got the idea to have a special Veronicashow on a radiostation on the isle. He chose for Saturdays and Sundays as people had then time enough to listen to shows. So back in Hilversum he told about the idea and he also added that shows were made by Jan van veen, Lex Harding, Tineke, Robbie Dale and Dough Stanley. When recalling this special programs I must note that during the past 4 decennia only shows for Radio Popular de Mallorca showed up, which were presented by Robbie Dale.

Robbie Dale Photo Archive OEM

Next we go to the USA: ‘Hey Hans, I always save your Radio Report for a block of time I can follow all the links and catch everything. Thanks so much for your hard work. This time your note from Bill Barnes of Horizon Magazine caught my eye, mentioning an article by Peter Antony "on all the fun of his radio career from Radio Luxembourg to Radio Caroline." I had such a tremendous time working with Peter in the Grand Duchy and often wondered what he was up to (and if he still favors wearing black head-to-toe). Clips from our "Rock Wars" show, where he pitted a British band against my American one for a phone-in contest, are favorites on my Luxy aircheck. (If I recall correctly, the show was Geoff Graham's idea.) I hope Peter himself checks in with you or maybe makes it to Radio Day this year. That's right - my mother has just gone into a wonderful nursing home so I'm free to join you all in Amsterdam in November. I'm so looking forward to it! Many thanks, Jessie Brandon. ‘

Well really good news to hear this Jessie that after so many years you’re coming back to Europe and it’s great to have you as a guest to on the Radio day. Soon more info will be put on the special internet site for this years radio day at www.radioday.nl
And Peter, although on the site Los Angeles is mentioned, is living – as far as I know – in Great Britain. http://blackbookmedia.co.uk/peter.php
But more news on people probably attending the Radio Day on November 14th as the next came in after I congratulated Keith Skues with his 70th birthday: ‘Greetings Hans. How kind of you to send me good wishes for my 70th. Very much appreciated. My lady friend took me out to dinner this evening and I have just arrived home to find your message. I have received more pressies, cards snd greetings than ever before. Perhaps the older you get the more cards you receive. Thank you again Hans. I have just returned from two weeks in Wales where I met up with a colleague from Holland, Hans Rip, who lives up in the Black Mountains of Wales. He is a great pirate radio fan.’
And yes, if all goes as planned Keith Skues will be attending this years Radio Day again to bring with him his latest publication, 15 years after ‘Pop went to the Pirates’ came out.

A young Hans Knot and a very young Skues way back in 1992. Photo: Rob Olthof

From Skues to Stuart is only one border and one movie: ‘Hi Hans, Stuart Clark from Ireland. I hope all is good. Thought you might like a bit on the following: Dublin's anorak fraternity was out in force on Tuesday March 11th for a special advance screening of ‘The Boat That Rocked’, which was organised by the national independent commercial station Today FM – and in particular their former Radio Caroline Programme Director Tom Hardy. Although the station featured in the comedy is called Radio Rock and broadcasts on 203 metres, it's obvious that the lion's share of the inspiration for it is drawn from the 1960s Caroline, with a little bit of Radio London thrown in for good measure. With Johnnie Walker among the consultants, it looked and smelt like real pirate radio, right down to the period studio equipment. There's a bit of liberty-taking with the music – The Who's 'Won't Get Fooled Again', John Fred and His Playboys 'Judy In Disguise' and the Crazy World Of Arthur Brown's 'Fire' are three of the songs that definitely weren't out before the Marine Offences Act – but otherwise I think pirate purists will be delighted. You won't have to try very hard to see which characters are based on Simon Dee, Dave Lee Travis, Rosko and John Peel! The real star though is the ‘Kerkschip Hoop’, which is used for the entire exterior shots. While not wanting to give too much away, there's a stunning sequence when two of the DJs 'playing chicken' climb to the top of the mast! The film goes on general release on April 1, and is a must for all fans of ‘The Lady’ and offshore radio in general. The only other news is that Gareth O'Callaghan has left Galway Bay FM and joined the new "multi-city" station 4FM as their breakfast DJ. He's sounding great! All the best, Stuart’.

Gareth O’Callaghan Photo: Archive RadioVisie

Thanks a lot Stuart for this preview and in the Netherlands the movie is on release in Amsterdam on April 6th.

May I invite you to visit the pages from Chris and Mary Payne which has a view nice updates lately: www.radiolondon.co.uk
Now it’s time for Bob LeRoi: ’Welcome to the March 2009 Update. We are close coming to the end of the MV Communicator story, in ‘ScrapBook’ we pick up this time with the ship in Lowestoft, Suffolk and never before published pictures from Paul and Roy Balls. ‘One Subject One Link’ has a contribution from Sally Fielding questions the BBC’s dilution of existing services to promote new & perhaps in many peoples view unneeded services. We have a tribute to the respected Avon based South West theatre, promoter, media correspondent, writer & Poet Linda Lamus. New on the Book Rack three great titles from Bob Purdy: Johnny Walker, The Radio 270 & Radio Caroline North Stories all lavishly illustrated. Finally in the ‘Personal Pages’ we invite you to take a stroll around Faversham. Enjoy Your Visits. www.bobleroi.co.uk

Recently I got a pre-listening to the new jingles for the special Pirate BBC Essex jingles, which will be used around Eastern on the station, when many well known deejays from offshore days will be on air. Dave Cash, Tony Blackburn, Roger Day, Rosko, Johnny Walker, just a few names mentioned. I must tell you the jingles will bring back many memories to the days of Radio London and Swinging Radio England and are very well produced. And now you’ve to wait until they are on air.

Talking about jingles it was Tom Blomberg who sent me the following link on internet to watch the producing of the special Pirate Johnny Walker jingles. Of course, with a lot of thanks Tom.

A sensational DVD, almost 1,5 hours long, has been produced by the people of Offshore Echos. It tells the story in photo’s, video and sound of Laser 558. This year it’s 25 years ago the station came on the air from the MV Communicator with deejays like Tommy Rivers, Jessie Brandon, Paul Dean, Charlie Wolfe, Chris Carson, Erin Kelly, Liz West and many more. Watching this very well produced DVD it gave me the thrill to think it was only yesterday the station was on the air and gained millions of listeners all over Europe. That is until authorities saw that the popularity was not good for the independent local radio stations in Britain. A real blockade followed whereby it was impossible to tender the radioship off the South Eastern coast of Great Britain. All facets of the 1,5 years of Laser 58 are featured on this Laser 58 DVD. For more information how to get your own copy go to: http://www.offshoreechos.com/Main%20page.html

More from the friends at OEM: The Radio Caroline Story continues.........
Dateline......... 19th March 1980
........................and the crew of the MV Mi Amigo were taken off the sinking radioship by lifeboat.
Dateline......... 19th March 2009
.........................the Radio Caroline story from Offshore Echo's, concludes the story of the 1970's with the Mi Amigo sinking, with photo's, press cuttings and audio clips. There is also a listing of Radio Caroline 70's and Radio Seagull deejays.
Visit www.offshoreechos.com for the Radio Caroline Story. The 1960's and 1970's are now online.

Then next the daughter of a singer who was regularly played on the offshore stations in the sixties and who passed away 25 years ago. An e mail from Michelle Monro: ‘I don't usually write except at Christmas but I have two snippets of news I'd like to share. On the Forum we have some special auction items of dad's. Originally they were going to be submitted to Ebay but the members felt they would like first crack at it. If you are interested go to www.mattmonro.com, click 'Member's Lounge' and then 'Message Board'. Once in you will find the items under the second header from the top of the page 'Matt Monro items for Sale'. Book News: At the end of January I took the unusual step of firing the agent I had as, after initial enthusiasm on his part, he proceeded to sit on the manuscript for over six months. It would have been weeks before I could have got another agent to take up the reins and that was time I felt I couldn't afford to lose. Most of you know that from the outset it was my intention to ensure that the book was visible for dad's 25th anniversary and feeling that time was slipping through my fingers I decided to make the submissions myself. The main disadvantages of that was that the book couldn't go to the biggest publishing houses, as they will only look at manuscripts submitted by an agent and of course negotiations would have to be done without guidance.

Money has never been my motive for any of the projects I have attacked over the year but I felt strongly that if this missed the anniversary a lot of its impact would be lost. Thrillingly I received more than a dozen offers in the first week and I know if I hold off there will be more responses to come, even if they were negative ones, but time is my enemy. I found out that the main retailers like Waterstones, WH Smith and Borders select their Christmas choices in June and the reviewers need the book at least 12 weeks in advance to give them a chance to read it. I am delighted to tell you that yesterday I accepted John Blake Publishing's offer to publish my book. If you go to their website and look at the celebrity biographies they have published you will see dad is going to be in good company. Importantly they have agreed that the title will stay as written and that they will release the book late January for the anniversary. Even better, they have also agreed to do a limited deluxe edition. The contract is being sent to me this week so all being equal it is all systems go. See you in Smiths! Michele Monro.’

Well Michelle good to hear the work is now progressing and when it’s published feel free to send me a review copy so I can give it promotion on a few websites as well as in the magazines I write for.

Time now for Colin Nichol who got a surprise visit lately: ‘Hello Hans,
I had a great surprise this week - Keith Martin turned up for a short visit and I showed him a lot of my home areas in just 24 hours or so. He was on a part of a cruise from Sydney to Cape Town and flew from London via Singapore to Sydney to join the cruise. Just a journey of 15,000 km to get here!

Keith Martin and Colin Nichol March 2009 Photo: Collection Colin Nichol

Well Colin must have been a surprise to have Keith suddenly on the floor and I guess the both of you had many memories to share. Probably time was too short for all memories! Thanks for sharing this with us”.
Colin had more when he sent me this: Hello Hans, I assume you have already seen this, but just in case: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-1164215/Dishevelled-Gemma-Arterton-looks-worse-wear-The-Boat-That-Rocked-party.html
No, I didn’t see it so nice you’ve sent it to us for our readers.
Talking about the movie I’ve to give you also a link to a youtube video which was made by Freddie Belmont as the real demo for the film. Let’s see what Freddie wrote to me: ‘Hi Hans, I found this on an old tape I recorded on the Ross in 1983. I edited some videos together and have been cheeky in its name: ‘The boat that rocked real edit’. As there is a new film out about a 60s pirate called ‘The boat that rocked’. It may get me a few more hits on the site. Here is the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=68zC4qg9yzE

Well now we go to Sweden: ‘Dear Hans, I thought you’d be interested to know that the book about my father and Radio Nord will be published this coming September in Sweden. The title is Stick iväg Jack (Hit the road, Jack). I have spent the last two years researching and writing the story, and I can assure you that I have uncovered a lot of new facts, apart from new pictures and documents. The Swedish copy of the book can be pre-ordered here: http://www.premiumpublishing.com/en/grp/what-s-next.php
I’m not sure if there ever will be an English version of the book, but at least I will try to keep an international audience updated on what’s happening through my blog in English. It can found at this address: http://blogg.radionord-story.com/
If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me. Best regards,
Jan Kotschack

Well Jan I hope it will be selling well and if there’s ever an English version please let us know. Also I can inform that we will be planning a Radio Nord reunion on the Radio Day in 2010 so we will keep you informed on that too.

Talking about this year Radio Day I give the microphone to Martin van der Ven:
‘It's still more than half a year before this year's Radio Day takes place on 14th November 2009. Nevertheless we would like to provide an insight into our planning (with the usual reserve at this point of the year).

This year we're celebrating the 25th anniversary of Laser 558 starting its transmissions from the MV Communicator. That's why we are planning a Laser Reunion on this forthcoming Radio Day. We have been in talks with Paul Rusling, Jessie Brandon, Charlie Wolf, Ric Harris, Tommy Rivers, Jonell, John Catlett, Roy Lindau, Jeff Davis, Johnny Lewis, Ray Anderson, D.L. Bogart, Paul Jackson, Bill Reid, Paul Rusling and Jim Perry. All of them have assured that they are definitely interested or have even been planning their trip to Amsterdam.

Keith Skues has been celebrating his 70th birthday a few days ago. He also celebrates 50 years on the radio in 2009. Keith intends to be our guest this year. He would like to present the second edition of his famous "Pop Went The Pirates" book. It isn't 100% certain yet but Keith will tell us right in time if he is able to come over to Amsterdam.

Ingo Paternoster will please us with an interesting AFN presentation.

We are in close contact with Edwin Bollier (RNI) who confirmed that he is interested to attend the Radio Day. But at this early date, Mr Bollier can't unfortunately confirm his attendance. He will tell us in due time. If Mr Bollier will be able to attend, we will additionally invite several of his former colleagues who worked for Radio NorthSea International.

Last but not least, 2009 will see the second Radio Day Awards celebration. Guess who will be our winners this year!

We will keep you informed in the weeks and months to come. Make sure to visit our website at http://www.radioday.nl on a regular basis.'

Time for our regular contributor since a few month: Ian Godfrey: ‘Since I've been listening to Veronica 192 - four-and-a-half months - I've heard the following station ID, probably about a dozen times: "This is Radio Veronica, broadcasting on 198m, 230m and FM!" Apart from 192 as far as I know the only frequencies used by Veronica were 185m (1640 kHz) and of course 538m. No-one seems to be able to provide the answer so I wondered if you could shed any light. I've only heard the announcement when the emphasis is more on 'easy listening,' as is usually the case this time on a Sunday evening (so far I've heard some great records, so reminiscent of the early Veronica/Atlanta/Caroline period,) and also a time when there are a greater number of European records. The announcer's voice is similar to Stan Haag, with a slightly higher pitch (I've heard him three times in the past fifteen minutes!) There is also a female giving out the same announcement (not Tineke.) They both also give out the usual information about 192. I'm wondering if there was ever proposal to use these frequencies or someone's imagination getting a bit carried away with itself! I didn't think that either of the ships ever had the facilities to use more than one frequency, although I think there was a short wave test at one point. If you can help I'd be grateful.’

Well Ian, before going on with your mail an answer from Juul Geleick, former Veronica technician, on the frequency question: ‘Well it’s very simple to declare. In March 1960 it was Max Groen who made the following station call: ‘Hier Radio Veronica on 198 meter, de 33 meter. band en FM’. I think both last frequencies are never used. Why not is not known to me. However I want to remind the readers of the Hans Knot International Report also to an article which Hans published some years ago about the ‘Hermann Family’, technicians who worked on the Borkum Riff. In this interview they talked about trials with a FM transmitter in those early years of Radio Veronica. ‘

One of the Hermann’s at Borkum Riff Studio Photo: Soundscapes Archive

Thanks Juul and the special story can be found at www.soundscapes.info
Volume 10 May 2007 ‘De drie Hermanns van de Borkum Riff’. Well Ian I hope you’re happy with the answer and the ‘mp3’ Juul did sent too. Ian went on with:

‘I have also been listening to 'Pirate Johnnie Walker.' After the first one I didn't feel quite as inclined to listen to the second as I thought I would have done and I'm not really sure why. It was obvious that the main drive for the show was 'The Boat That Rocked' and all credit to the controllers at Radio 2 for giving the go-ahead for a show like this, but I did feel that it seemed to make a mockery of the original stations, although I was a bit surprised that the 'Johnnie Walker factor' didn't keep me listening. Maybe one of the ideas was to tweak it a bit, to generate more interest from a wider cross-section of the audience and, in turn, boost the box-office takings. I suppose anything to help generate more interest in offshore radio. I missed the show featuring Dave Cash but thought no problem I can easily listen again later in the week but never got round to it!

I'm more interested in the Tim Gillett show on BBC Essex at 15.00 on Sundays. The motive here seems to be a combination of the forthcoming film and to promote their four-day Easter broadcast. The presentation bears a more genuine link with the '64-'67 period, with a good sprinkling of unusual records -and 'turntable hits.' Regarding radio listening I've always had initial excitement for a station, or, if the circumstances are right, a group of stations but, after a short time, certain discoveries and circumstances cause a bit of a downturn - something I think we can all relate to. In my case the initial interest centered round Internet Radio is an example although now, eight months later, I rarely listen to the majority of my 'favourites' and 'presets!' My three regular choices are 2NG, Oldiesproject and Veronica 192. Over the past couple of months I've only been tuning into 2NG for Roger Davies and Bill Rollins. The Oldiesproject and Big L Fab 40 web sites heavily publicise the broadcasting of the Fab 40 on Saturdays and repeated on Wednesdays, courtesy of John Edward. But I've been listening for about five weeks now and I've yet to hear one! I did tune in yesterday and heard someone talking about playing records from 40 years ago this week, my immediate reaction being: "great, a presented show," followed immediately afterwards by the continuous music format. Some of the initial Veronica 192 shine wore off within a few weeks when it seemed pretty clear that there were a lot fewer of the 're mastered' shows than I originally thought. For a while I was trying to ensure that I was back by 18.00 on Mondays, for the Adje Bauman Top 10 but, in the short time I've been listening, three of the shows have been repeated at least once and one of them three times. On three other Mondays it didn't appear at all due to 'network error.' I have e mailed Ad Bauman twice, complementing him on the programming and asking about a special request show on 18th April but have yet to get a reply. Continuous music is OK to a point but I'd like to get more information abut the music played but, apparently, this can only be provided by the station. Fortunately the positives outweigh the negatives so I'm not that adversely affected by the above but I suspect that many listeners are likely to tune away. Thanks also for mentioning Music Radio News. I'm on the verge of registering, after a few difficulties but I'm not finding it so easy with the Norderney Forum site. ‘With Best Wishes,
Ian Godfrey.’

Well Ian you saw that Juul answered right away on the technical question. Hopefully Ad Bouman, who is also a reader of the Hans Knot International Report has answered or will answer you soon.

I promised you already in last report that I would make some space to one of the longer stories I wrote through the past four decades and which was earlier published in Freewave Media Magazine in Dutch and with the help of Boudewijn Dom also in English in Offshore Echos Magazine. It’s titled:

At last a dream came true

Girls have always fascinated offshore entrepreneurs, who chose their names for either the radio station's name or the radio ship. Examples galore: Caroline, Nele, Monique, Veronica, Magda Maria, Jeanine, Lieve, to name just a few. Even Elisabeth, a brainchild of 39 years old Willem Beusenberg, who appeared to be a rather unknown entrepreneur. Stan Huygens reported in Dutch Telegraaf of 5 April 1973, that a certain Willem Beusenberg, restaurant owner and fishing gear shop owner wanted to launch his own offshore radio station. Some weeks earlier, two men asked him if he could sell them a ship: ‘They told me their plans and I was so enthusiastic that l decided to join them. The also immediately understood in which way l could help them." He thought of supplying the radio ship from IJmuiden to her anchorage in international waters. Beusenberg refused to reveal the men's identity, but added that a 600 ton and 40 metres long trawler, named 'Elisabeth' and equipped in one of IJmuiden's harbours would be used, starting in May 1973. No transmitting equipment was said to be on board, but would be built over the following weeks in the hold, that had previously containing fishing nets.

MV Elisabeth: Hans Knot Archive

Huygens: "In `De Gouden Karper' (the name of his restaurant) it's now hustle and bustle, because the entrepreneur from IJmuiden will start broadcasting as soon as possible. Especially now, that Veronica is off air" (some days earlier, on April 2nd, the Norderney of Radio Veronica was beached near Scheveningen). Beusenberg didn't fear the financial outcome, because from unexpected corners contacts had been made with sponsors and advertising companies. Again no names but enthusiasm: "My initiatives were met everywhere with enthusiasm, especially because this is again a genuine Dutch enterprise. Why most foreigners come along with plans and ideas? There's still room, l know for sure, when the listeners know that it's a Dutch ship with a Dutch radio station" according to Willem Beusenberg, pictured in a nice suit with his daughter Carla.

Next day another picture was published in Het Haarlems Dagblad', this time with the ship 'Elisabeth' in the background, showing a caption with Jac den Dulk Wzn noted as owner; notwithstanding this, Beusenberg was indicated as the owner. "With the exception of the night hours, we’ll broadcast pop music, aimed primarily at the youngsters, because if the youth listen to you, success is guaranteed!" Programmes would be broadcast live from the future radio ship, presented by two or three deejays, amongst them his own daughter Carla. The registered tonnage of the ship would be 500 tons, instead of the 600 tons mentioned earlier.

The ship, originally named `Scheveningen 70' sailed between 1918 and 1928. Later she was renamed 'Cornelis Roeleveld', `Geertruida' and indeed 'Elisa-beth'. Between 1964 and 1971 she belonged to Jac den Dulk. Later, registered as `Scheveningen 4' she was withdrawn as a fishing boat, and sold for sport fishing from IJmuiden to Willem Beusenberg, who probably had forgotten to change the nameplate with the owner's name. On April 10th 1973 Carla was pictured in another article, this time in the `Noord Holland Dagblad'. It was made clear that the station would be called Radio Carla. Willem Beusenberg stated that pop music would be broadcast for youngsters between 12 to 25 years old, at which 70% of the national record industry was aimed. The reporter André Naber asked him some technical questions, such as the wavelength, whereupon Beusenberg mysteriously laughing replied that he didn't have a clue of those things. But there was a specific target group: "I'm aiming mainly at the Randstad (the urban agglomeration of Western Holland); its most densely populated. That's best for my advertisers. 1 don't do it for nothing, it must make money." "Today the head of an advertising agency was on the phone asking me if I could have a second radio ship, to be anchored immediately off the Wadden Islands. They would
find customers. "Finance, revealed for the first time, would come from a Den Hague banker he did business with for some years, but Beusenberg himself would be the only one bearing the full financial risks.”When starting a business you always take such a risk. But I don't see a ban on offshore radio in the, first years to come. I'm not a fool. It's a complete challenge. I don't like all those foreigners and their radio stations of our coast. We need a Dutch on, be added."

In the same article he boasted about several engineers of the official broadcasting companies applying for a job with the station. And about his 18 years old daughter: "She will be broadcaster and hostess. She's currently being, coached by the press and radio man of Beusenberg" (name not revealed, but said to be employed by a `De Telegraaf' subsidiary company).
After the 18 April 1973 demonstration in The Hague, Willem Beusenberg and his project disappeared from the publicity, until recently, when some more details surfaced. Theo Hoekstra: "In those days I was employed by the weekly magazine 'De Echo' (belonging to `De Telegraaf') selling advertising space, and one of our advertisers was Willem Beusenberg of restaurant `De Gouden Karper'. He hired fishing boats and had made plans to launch his own offshore station under the name Radio Carla. We talked a lot about this. I was also involved in a hospital radio in Haarlem and our hos-pital station was to make some 150 hours of tape recordings for the test transmissions. Beusenberg wanted to buy the antenna of the then stranded King David (of Capital Radio). The `Echo' would get the scoop to publish the whole story firstly. Our editorial office culled press photographer De Boer from Haarlem; this man has sold the picture, taken on Beusenberg's ship, to `De Telegraaf' before `Echo' was published, resulting in an article in 'Stan Huygen Journaa1’of 5 April 1973 and another article in ‘Het Noord Hollands Dagblad’ of April 10th 1973. All plans were swept under the carpet, and I was made redundant. I was approached by a certain Dennis King who offered me a contract sell advertising air time for Radio Caroline, Van Hoogendorpstraat 16 in The Hague. I have sold commercials for the station, but never got my provision money."

Further inquiries revealed that Beusenberg sold the `Elisabeth - Scheveningen 4' to the Azart organization, using her as a theatre ship.
A press report of 2001 : "Since half October 2001, Azart-TV is responsible for a weekly Saturday half an hour program on KleurnetTV, a multicultural station on the Amsterdam cable network All equipment, made available by Kleurnet, and know how is on board. This gives a tremendous opportunity to build up an immense contact with the people of Amsterdam. And copyrights provide a solid base for the project." In the end, Willem Beusenberg's dream has become (partly) true.

MV Elisabeth nowadays in Amsterdam harbour

Back to the e mails now: ‘Hi Hans, Just a quick note to say how much I enjoy reading your international report. I was interested to read the comments in your recent reports from Paul Fraser. I don't now if he'll remember me, but I used to do shows on the same local FM pirate as Paul in 1988/89. Also I have been helping out a friend with a website that is a tribute to old land based pirates from the West Midlands area of the UK. There are many people on the site whom I'm sure Paul would know. Various reunions are organised via the site to which Paul would be most welcome.
The website is here: www.thepiratearchive.co.uk Many thanks for your help.
Regards, Matt.’

Well Matt I’ve forwarded the e mail to Paul Fraser and hopefully he has contacted you already.
Next an e mail after a holiday: ‘Hello Hans, I hope this email finds you well. My wife and I recently returned from a fantastic two-week holiday in Orkney. We loved the scenery, the people, the quiet, the wild weather, the birds and wildlife and the history. We came upon some unexpected history one day - 19 February - when we visited St Margaret's Hope and drove down to the docks to see a new catamaran ferry that is coming into service soon. All of a sudden across the docks I spotted the rather sad and derelict looking remains of the MV Communicator. I had completely forgotten this was her resting place. I have sent four photos to your other email - I hope they get through ok.

MV Communicator 2009 Photo: Graham Brown

For me it brought back memories of listening to Laser 558 and DJ’s like Charlie Wolfe, Tommy Rivers and Jesse Brandon. Also of a trip to see the Communicator when it was moored in an English river estuary - I forget which one - after the station came off-air. I wonder where my photos of that day are. During our Orkney trip I read Johnnie Walker's biography - an inspirational and great book which I would recommend to anyone who loves radio and life. And, finally, good luck to the guys at EKR working towards their relaunch. They have been kind enough to feature music from my wife Kathie Touin's CD Butterfly Bones in their test broadcasts. Thanks again for all the hard work with the newsletter. All best Hans, Graham
Thanks for sharing the memories and the report of your holiday and keep enjoying the reports.

Next an article about Radio Scotland in the Daily Record, interviews with Paul Young, Jack McLaughlin, Doug Carmichael and Cathy Spence:

Next one from Sally in Holland with the advice to have a look at the next site: http://www.radionrg.nl/

Well thanks Sally for sharing and she added: ‘My year of birth is 1962 and I’ve memories to offshore radio since 1966. I can clearly remember seeing Capital Radio on the beach of Noordwijk in 1970. I was completely mad about RNI and in later years it was the same with Radio Mi Amigo and Radio Luxembourg. Myself I was a landbased pirate between 1976 and 1982.

Next one also comes from Holland. Chris van Buuren asked me if someone made a list of all the satellietschijven (station hit pick) from Radio 819 and Radio 558. If so please tell me if he can get a copy. As always answers to HKnot@home.nl

The never ending story about offshore radio t shirts (yes I’ve some in stock for the next issues, just for free) continues with an e mail from Peter Agate in Essex who wrote: ‘Here's an old poster advertising Radio Caroline North t-shirts. It’s an interesting piece of memorabilia.’

Thanks Peter and I can remember being once at a house in the south of Groningen city, where Paul de Haan showed me a bunch of this posters early 1970. He had taken them from Amsterdam when he visited the MV Fredericia in the woodharbour. So originals are in my archive. Again, all thanks for your contributions. There is more next month as I had no more space in this edition. As always keep the memories and questions coming to HKnot@home.nl and if possible the photographs to Hans.Knot@gmail.com

Have a Happy Easter and till next month all the best, Hans Knot



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