Hans Knot's International Radio Report - April 2005 (1) 


Welcome and first of all thank you for the warm wishes for Eastern which came in from several of the readers either by e mail or by snail mail. This is most appreciated by Jana and me. 

I know a lot of you missed in my last report the fact I didn’t mention the then forthcoming start of Wonderful Radio London, a project on satellite – digital platform as well as internet. I wrote to ‘Uncle’ Ray Anderson to give me the last details but five days after each other the mail came back with the message that the mailbox was full. Anyway it was Rob Olthof who brought the news weeks on forehand that Radio London would start with testransmissions in March and on March 21st from all kind of persons info was sent to me regarding the start of this project, which will of course never be the same as the one and only Wonderful Radio London, which was on air between December 1964 and August 14th 1967. Test programs have started now on the Sky Digital Platform at Channel 940 on the EPG. As I’ve written a long time ago this project had arranged a medium frequency from Dutch government, the 1008 kHz. However last year this license was sold to Radio 10 Gold. It’s not known if the old Radio 10 Gold frequency, 1395 kHz, can be used in the future for the London project. Here is the info how to find the signal on satellite: Satellite: Eurobird 1, Position: 28.5°E, Transponder: C6, Frequency: 11.390GHz, Polarization: Vertical, Symbol Rate: 27500, FEC: 2/3, SID: 53566.

And to Uncle Ray himself: communicating is the best way to get more listeners so please restart sending your news to me at H.Knot@home.nl

Mail from Canada: ‘Hi Hans.....as always love your Reports and it has really filled in a lot of what I missed after leaving Radio Caroline and going back to work in Canadian and U.S. radio...and Cable TV along with Voice Overs on film and commercials. By the way did I send you any photos...if not please let me know and I'll forward these to you. Keep up the great work. Mick Luvzit (formerly of Radio Caroline South but mainly the North ship).’ Thanks Mick and good to see you still love all those memories. Mick did sent a lot of photos last year from his time aboard the MV Fredericia, in the mid sixties.

Captain Martin Gips together with Janet (former wife) and Mick Luvzit

Another mail came in from California. This time from The Geeter with the heater, who wants to share a recent memory with us: Hans, great report as always. Larry Tremaine here in Beverly Hills, Ca. just back from a great trip to Europe and a nice reunion (lunch) with Mark Wesley. It was great seeing him again and did try to contact some of the others from RNI/Caroline but not enough time, had to get back to take care of our fine art galleries in California. 

Ok here's the photo of the week. The boys of 1970 in 2005 (still looking great) 35 years later! Our kids are doing great & life has never been better! Please note I'm the good looking one on the Right. Thanks Hans, Larry Tremaine (Steinman) sorry we missed seeing you.’ 

Indeed a pity we missed seeing each other. Larry mailed me from Israel that he would be coming to London on a certain day in March. I was there for my work for a week too but left London just a day before Larry came in. Nevertheless we will meet some day. 

Mark Wesley and Larry Tremaine

On the evening the last 1500 reports were sent away by email, Monday March 21st, I tuned in to Keith Skues on BBC Eastern Counties Radio and it was very thrilling to hear him playing a long part of the last Top 40 on Big L, the only one ever presented by the late, great Tommy Vance. I did record the original program myself way back in August 1967 and found it a great show then. Hearing it back several times from tape and now again from radio it again was exciting to listen to again. Many thanks Keith!

In the last report I mentioned Jacques Vrolijk and I know for sure that everyone of you who have worked on one of the ship off the Dutch coast during 1970/1974 must remember Jacques Vrolijk of the Vrolijk Tender Company. They had several, mostly former fishing vessels, which could be hired for sport fishing on the North Sea, anoraking around the offshore ships and even tendering one of the ships. It’s Paul Rusling reflecting on my last comments that I’ve somewhere a photo of Vrolijk with a pipe on through the port hole of the MV Mi Amigo, while Andy A was spinning his records. 

Paul wrote: ‘I don’t think I ever saw Jacques Vrolijk with his pipe off! I think he used to go to bed with it still smoldering. And boy, it would smell really bad sometimes. no regular Half Zware Shag for Jacques - I think he grew his own tobacco, and stored it in the bilges! Jacques Vrolijk without a pipe? That is like Hans Knot without a beard! Lovely man though – and very helpful to me anyway.’

Thanks Paul and here’s another Piping
Photo starring Jacques Vrolijk

Last time I also had some questions from former RNI newsreader and presenter Hans ten Hoge (Hogendoorn) about how the music for the English service was chosen and a question about the Top 40 list of the International Service. One answer came from Bert Bossink, although it wasn’t really relevant for the questions of Hans Hogendoorn. However it’s an interesting one: ‘With most interest I read your report once again including the questions of Hans Hogendoorn about the hits charts from RNI days. A very good old friend of mine is the Hit List King Jack Tange, who collected in his life more then 50.000 lists from all over the world and is still collecting in 2005. From 1973 up till 1981 he had his own magazine called ‘Hitmemories’ and in later years also wrote for ‘Fabulous Sounds of the Sixties’. It was in the seventies that Jack Tange published a 200 pages booklet called ‘Het Radio Noordzee Research’ with all the Top 50 lists ever published. The first two have never been in the record shops, where you could get your own copy free every week. Those early two have only be published in a magazine called ‘Poptelescoop’. Next to the Dutch list I do remember that also from February 1971 up till March 27 1971 there was a German Hit list called ‘Radio Nordsee Top 50’. Looking back through those early list indeed some very rare but nice songs could be heard like ‘Kate’ by Johnny Cash, ’Rolling around the band’ by BZN, ‘Freitagabend’ by German Duo Cindy and Bert, ‘Silvery rain’ by Cliff Richard and ‘Seduction Song’ by Dutch Linda van Dijck. ‘

Thanks a lot Bert and exclusively for the readers of the Knot International Radio Report Jack Tanga and Bert Bossink want to share with us the first two Top 50’s of Radio Noordzee from March 1971. However when putting it into the report it would be unreadable for the small size. So if you would like a ‘jpg’ containing the two first lists, simply write to HKnot@home.nl and I will sent it to you. 

We go over to a friend for live in Canada, Ron C Jones. I think our contacts about radio are going back until the late seventies and we swapped a lot of recordings through the eighties and nineties. After internet came in our contacts with swapping became lower but the interest in radio is still there in Toronto: ‘Greetings Hans. I enjoyed reading all the latest news in the March edition 2005-2. With every issue comes the sad news of a Radio Host (jock) passing away, but then imagine what a great Radio Station heaven has, Wolfman Jack. Kenny Everret. John Peel. Don Allan etc. The list could go on and on.
Do you think anybody has to apply for a R.S.L.? 

Not much to report from Ontario Canada.... as most radio stations pretty much do what they do best - play music! Yes, we have Classic, Easy, Lite, Not So Light, Oldies, Rap, Urban, Turban, you name it - we got it! Have enclosed a picture of a Radio Jock that had to leave early, because the husband came home!. My very best wishes to you for Easter and the forthcoming warmer weather. Look forward to future Radio Reports. Stay Healthy, My Friend. Ron.’

Thanks a lot Ron and has the Radio Jock finally entered the bedroom again? 

News for the 1296 watchers. Since March 27th every day between 6.59 and 7.57 UTC there is a program from Radio Netherlands which is relayed by Merlin. In exchange it’s arranged that Merlin uses one of the transmitters from Radio Netherlands on Madagascar or on Bonaire for an hour a day. Transmitting on 1296 kHz must be seen as a service for all Dutch people living just outside the Netherlands. Where the Short wave transmitters just can be heard in a reasonable sound hundreds of kilometers away from the home country, 1296 kHz is audible just around ‘the corner’. In the past also 1512 (Radio Vlaanderen) and 1440 kHz (Luxembourg) were used. More info can be found at: http://www2.rnw.nl/rnw/nl/radioafdeling/ontvangst/

In the meantime Radio Netherlands have put three mobile radio stations on transport to be used by three partner radio stations in Banda, Atjeh and Meulaboh to get a restart for the local radio stations there after the Tsunami took place. This is the first form of communication by radio again, which is so important in that area. The stations are carrying the names of ‘Queen Beatrix', 'Princess Màxima' en 'Princess Catharina-Amalia'. Also Radio Netherlands will help the organisations to rebuilt their own studio’s. Of course the own transmissions from Radio Netherlands in the Indonesian language will be rebroadcasts by the three station to give the listeners an independent view on the things happening in the region. 




SMC released this album in 1992 on CD. On the CD it was hardly audible that there were 42 clicks which were there on the original LP. Nowadays with the recent techniques the albums sounds if it's recorded today. Next to the well known tracks we also bring as a bonus four instrumental tracks as well as some LA jingles and the voice of Ronan O’Rahilly.
Very nice album! A real gift for the true Caroline fan.
You can obtain this CD by sending 5 Euro's in an envelop to:
PO BOX 53121

No bank drafts please, because they are to expensive to cash it.


Then on Good Friday the next e mail came in: Hi Hans, I thought it was high time I sent you a mail to let you know how much your monthly bulletins are appreciated. I'm a former Voice Of Peace and Caroline man now living in Dublin where I'm Music Editor at a magazine called Hot Press. I also do a fair bit of radio on RTE and the independent Today FM and Newstalk 106. Plenty of old pirate faces locally ­ Gareth O'Callaghan (aka Tony Gareth), Tom Hardy, Steve Conway and a chap who used to be an engineer during the '60s on Radio Caroline North. Going back 15 years or so I was on a variety of Irish pirates, where I worked alongside more ex-Caroline folk such as Dave Windsor, Robin Ross and Dave Shearer and also had the good fortune to socialize with Tony Allen. A fine broadcaster and maverick talent. I don't know if it's possible, but I'd be grateful if you could perhaps include my email address in one of your reports so that my former shipmates can get in touch. Keep up the good work!. Stuart Clark.’

Well good to see your mail in the box Stuart. Have to dig for a photo from you in the Knot Archives from the eighties. 


Surely the Dublin area has to got the name of Dublin Pirate Alley with all those former offshore broadcasters over there. I can tell you that a lot of the people you’re mentioning are readers versus the Knot report e mail service. I will put you on the list too. By the way, very nice for all those who put the report every time on internet. I think now some 10 different people are doing so and we get more and more readers. Reflecting to your question Stuart I will mention your e mail address so everyone who want to get in contact with him can write to Stuartclark@hotpress.ie

Luc de Groot has got the exclusive presentation rights for Belgium to present the weekly oldies Top 40 on Belgium Radio. The Top 40 is an official organization who have the right to do the program on Dutch radio. So the rights are every time given to a station. First Veronica presented the Top 40 when they were offshore between 1965 and August 1974. Then stations like TROS, VOO, Yorin and others brought the show. The oldies Top 40 in Holland is presented on Radio 10 Gold on a weekly Dutch base. More info on the Belgium version can be found at http://www.extragold.be/

Luc de Groot near Veronicaship in Antwerpen (photo: Frank Veldeman)

Then an e mail from Martin van der Valk who’s living in the eastern parts of Holland and he wrote: ‘Hello Hans and thanks for again an interesting Knot Report. Also it’s very nice to read that there are plans for the MV Communicator to become active in radio again near the Isle of Mann to do the transmissions for IoMIB on 279 kHz. It’s like Radio Caroline North comes on the air again. I’m anxious to know how the station will sound and how the reception will be. During the early hours of the morning as well during the night for me it’s possible to receive sometimes Manx Radio on 1368 kHz here in Twente. By the way on 702 as well as on 855 kHz in Germany a new radio station has started: Truck Radio playing especially a lot of Country Music. So AM Radio is alive and kicking. Reception of long wave signals here is good during evening and night hours; during daytime it’s a lot worse.’ 

Another photo came in from Jan van Heeren, whose profession is a teacher and soon on his school a project will start with the topic ‘broadcasting’. This will be fun as he’s pretty addicted to radio too, which isn’t a bad addiction - as we all know. Of course all kind of visual things were collected and among that he borrowed some empty movie tins used by the public broadcasters. Last is was used in 1977 for some leaders which were produced for NCRV Television. How it came in hands of the NCRV is not known but the tin was used before in 1964 when the very first hour of the REM island, RTV Noordzee, was put on movie. The official opening followed by a documentary about the building of the REM island as well as a cultural program featuring a painter with the name Van Draanen. In the mid seventies I borrowed this movie from the TROS, which was born out of the REM Island in 1965 as a private broadcaster. I dubbed the movie on to U-matic tape then and gave it back. When organizing together with Arno Weltens the exhibition in Dutch broadcasting museum ‘Nederlandstalige Zeezenders’ (Dutch language Offshore Radio Stations) we also tried to get this movie again out of the massive public broadcasting library, but the movie as well as the movie tin was lost. Now eleven years later, the movie tin has been found back. Only it’s empty but still on the side you can see what has been in it in the past.

Movie tin once used for opening hour RTV Noordzee (photo: Jan van Heeren)

March 26th Birthday Party Time for it was the official birthday for the Caroline organization, which started their broadcasts 41 years ago. Special program today as mentioned in last report, on BBC Radio Kent. Last year they were several days on the air but directors from BBC Headquarters didn’t gave permission this time to transmit more than a few hours from the last radio ship Radio Caroline used in the past. But great news is to hear that from August 4th 2007 up till 3 pm August 14th 2007 Pirate BBC Essex will be on the air again, then using the LV18. This former light vessel was used also last year in March. In 2007 it will be 40 years ago the Marine offences Bill became Act. 

An e-mail came in from a guy who has a lot of memories about the good old days of the land based pirate station in Holland. Freek Jonkers wrote if I could put the next in this issue of the Knot International Radio Report: ‘I’m searching for a guy who was onetime owner of the land based station Radio Sylvania, which had the town of Kampen as location. Versus my internet site I came in contact with someone who still had recordings of the station. The owner’s name was Harry Stoel and knowing him from those days I think he also got a lot of interesting recordings, so it would be nice to get in contact with him again. Anyone who knows where Harry Stoel is nowadays can contact me at fjonk@chello.nl

From one of our regular readers in Belgium we got the tip to search on internet for the following Internet site, where some lovely memories can be found: http://www.11l-rni.com/index.php

Some issues ago Don Stevens already sent us some info about his memories on the Voice of Peace and this time he did sent again some, including some exciting photos: Dear Hans, So very busy, so little time to do everything. I hope you and your family are enjoying this Easter break, I hope that you are enjoying the same lovely weather in Nederland as the people here in London are receiving. Lovely sunshine, light breezes, it puts one in mind of a mild Summer day in Galway.

Yorkie has sent me a letter, I have sent him a positive reply. He is out of hospital and intends to come to London, we intend meeting up, maybe sort something out, but at least celebrate life if nothing else. ‘

Well that’s really good news Don reading that Phil Mitchell is out of hospital and I do hope he recovers completely. If you do see him give him my best regards too. And Don goes on with the next: ‘I spent over 5 hours clearing out my email box, not easy to do Hans as I was jet lagged and could not sleep, man, I was tired...hence the mail box clear out. Right, I have the pictures for you which I accidentally erased from my last email, good shots of the Peace Ship and its crew all pre-March 1976. These are attached to the letter. You will notice that three of the attachments indicate Peace Ship Log. These are shots I have taken just for you of the Captains Log for the Peace Ship from 1975 to 1976, indicating the two Captains who manned the vessel, an open page taken at random which indicates the weighing of the anchor for sail to Port Said, and the inside front indication ship specification.

Front from the ships log @ Don Stevens

I think you will agree its the real McCoy and came to me as a donation for the Voice of Peace web site I am preparing by an unknown well wisher who shared my sentiment that the site should be as accurate as possible. The Log is correct, its the one from the bridge that Maurice and Robert entered daily reports to during the Summer of 1976, it was sent ashore once completed to the Peace Ship office in Frug Street for filing, but the donor sent it from England. Must be a story there, but whatever, I have the Log, it makes interesting reading and clarifies much about the Peace Ship and its movements during the last 6 months of 1975. I will draw on it considerably for that period, it puts into perspective my memories of that period and clears up a lot of the 'facts' that have been disseminated since in various articles and publications.

Ken Dickin in his cabin on board the VOP @ Don Stevens

I have located a radio magazine with a picture of Keith Ashton, he was the hot shot Australian salesman who helped Abe Nathan launch the highly commercial and successful Peace Ship of 1975-76 and he implemented this sound with the highly professional Australian guys like Phil Brice, Ken Dickin and Jules Retrot leading the glee team. This happy team gave Abe a sound that was as slick and Commercial as Big L and Veronica. The Keith Ashton picture is very large and detailed so it will make a nice addition to your collection. I recall that this is the same Keith Ashton who worked for Radio Hauraki and made a name for himself in major market Australian radio before heading to New Zealand, I met him through Radio Caroline before he landed up on Capital Radio London in early 1975. I wonder where he is today? I'll get this off to you straight away, if you have any questions I'm happy to be of service, Peace and Long Life, Don.’

Wonderful memories and really I hope you can make it to the Radio day this year. Karel Gerbers, a VOP follower since 1969, will be interviewing you! 

Robin Adcroft, Phil Brice and Black Printz @Don Stevens

For a very nice update for Bob Le Roi’s site the next information:

Site Update - April 2005. In "Scrapbook" We begin a new series of features with "Red Relics" & ask what ever happened to the Radio 390 Studio Equipment? In "One Subject One Link" we ask are Sallies too big for their own boots? If you've not already looked check out our two new CD's in "Offshore" - "Flashback Two" & "Mebo Memories". Europa-Radio-International - Short Wave Following successful broadcasts in North America, Canada & the Caribbean ERI will also be back on the 9290 kHz Latvia transmitter this month. Broadcast dates & programme information on the ERI website at www.europaradiointernational.co.uk

Trust that you'll enjoy your site visits this month at www.bobleroi.co.uk

Another site I want to recommend, specially for our Flemish and Dutch readers, is the internet site produced for Will Luikinga, former program maker for Radio Veronica, Caroline, TROS, VOO and many more as well as record producer. He had some massive successes in the past including the winning song at the European Song contest with ‘Ding a Dong’ and the group Teach Inn. www.willwilwel.nl

April’s Fools Day brought me to sunny Spain where the holiday radio station Mi Amigo is active in radio. They phoned me three times and we made a joke to the listeners that the radio ship Communicator, about I mentioned in the last issue that it is going to be used for the people behind the project Music Mann, would be used off the Spanish coast. It would relay the signal of Mi Amigo specially for the fishing fleet of Spain. During the past four years the fishermen had more and more problems to get the normal fishing quota as the fish wouldn’t be trapped anymore. So the idea was that from the radio ship smiley music would be transmitted and big loud speakers on deck would attract a lot of fish. In the evening, after a lot of times the story was told during the day, I’ve told the listeners the real facts behind the Communicator and the fact that it was April Fools Day.

Congratulations to Jon at the Pirate Hall of fame as his wonderful web site featuring Offshore Radio in the Sixties is five years old and indeed is longer ‘on air’ then the period he is featuring on his Pirate Hall of Fame: www.offshoreradio.co.uk

Interested in the history of the land based pirates in the London area? Beautiful site with information about stations like Radio Free London, Radio Kaleidoscope, Radio Helen, Radio Jackie, Telstar South and many more can be found at: http://radio.eric.tripod.com

Then our man in Highgate reporting on his Caroline here is our Peter Moore about the latest happenings on the station and the ship Ross Revenge: ‘As for news, the BBC co-operation was very good. We counted 200 visitors on Easter Saturday and many more over the whole holiday. The week before we had a meeting of Caroline broadcasters to discuss taking some of the work load off of Dave Foster so that the correct scheduling of our various pre recorded programmes is easier to achieve. During the Easter weekend other volunteers met on the ship to plan a new sales group to replace Radio Caroline Sales and Horizon Sales, which John Knight has decided, for various reasons, to close. We hope that this will be operating soon. John will continue with his regular magazine and will sell limited items to his readers. John and Graham Winning are continuing to manage our appeal to get sufficient funds for a Sky channel listing and this fund is growing at a satisfactory rate. The major problem right now is that Ross Revenge must soon leave Tilbury. This is simply because that port has seen a big increase in cruise ship traffic for the 2005 season. 54 liners are visiting during the season, so that at some time there will be two liners docked at the same time. In simple terms, Ross Revenge would be in the way and would prevent a second liner from docking. So we have to move. Where we will go is not clear right now. I am sure it will be clear for your next report.’

Thanks a lot Peter and hopefully a nice new harbour will be found for the Ross Revenge.

Two nicknames this time. The first one I heard in a program from Ferry Eden when he talked about a new deejay on Caroline in the late seventies, Richard Thompson – who he mentioned Richard ‘the mather of Canada’. Why I don’t know but maybe Ferry can reflect on this as he’s a reader of the report too! The second one is used on Radio 227 where Tony Windsor had ‘Big Tee Double You’ as nickname. Well one of the many ones he had in the sixties. 

It has been some time ago we’ve heard from the Guernsey Branch of Monitor Magazine. As you know Monitor Magazine was very hot in the seventies and eighties and run by my good friends Ronald C (Buster) Pearson, Don and Jane. Since last year they’ve started to bring back old stories from the old magazines on internet. They’re assisted by Robert and Raymond from the lovely island of Guernsey. It’s Robert who’s writing to me, or should I say ‘us’:

‘Hi Hans Knot, It's the Guernsey Channel Islands Branch of www.Monitor.org.uk, We are hoping that you or some one that reads your Radio Reports can help Monitor. We are looking for a article that was written by our Technical Officer Don Scott. The said article was about his time on board the M.V. Jeanine of Radio Atlantis fame (1973-1974). The article in question appeared in our sister Magazine "The Newscaster" of Free Radio Campaign London. The offices of Monitor.org.uk and the Guernsey Branch of Monitor.org.uk has been searched from top to bottom but no trace of the said "The Newscaster" can be found. We are hoping that you or one of your readers might have a copy of said "The Newscaster" and be willing to scan the article and send it to us at guernsey.branch@monitor.org.uk, could we all so ask the many personal of the old Offshore Radio Stations that broadcast from the high sea's if they could find time to write us articles with photo's that they took while on board and send to guernsey.branch@monitor.org.uk so that we can have some thing new to put on our web site. This comes as a plea as we have been let down by various other Ex-Offshore Broadcasters whom we have helped out with articles for research but have not bothered to write or send photos back to us. We only want to help keep the memories alive and perhaps let the generation now know what happened back in the good old day's of "Music 74". Perhaps even some one from the 60's or 50's side of the radio revolution would like to write us at guernsey.branch@monitor.org.uk ?, We are getting the feeling that these people want to forget their time on Offshore Radio, that's a real shame! Anyway Hans that's it from us at The Guernsey Channel Islands Branch of Monitor.org.uk, we hope you can help us out with this request. Robert.’

Well Robert, as you see your request is fulfilled for 100% but I don’t think people don’t want to forget their times as I get a lot of response every month. So keep on smiling and hoping on response. 

Martin van der Ven has bought the new book written by Ed Stewart and found a lot of new nicknames so here is an update all regarding Radio London: Duncan 'Shag' Johnson, Mike 'Leila' Lennox, Tony 'Bessie' Windsor, Ed 'Sally' Stewart, Kenny 'Strawberry Whirl' Everett, Tony 'Nut Log' Windsor and Ed 'Hazel Cluster' Stewart. 

Time for some websites again: It was Paul Jan de Haan who invited me to listen to an internet radio station which comes from San Francisco. For all those who ever loved Radio 390 it’s a must! www.960kabl.com/listenlive.html

Talking about Radio 390 there was also an e-mail coming in which promised the return of Radio 390 on internet. Well just make your own decision if it sounds like the one we loved way back in the sixties. In my opinion it could be much better. www.falklandsonlineradio.com

From Israel Mike Brand told me that the All for Peace organisation, which runs also a radio station for the Palestinian and Israeli’s has had a rebuilding and is looking really nice: www.allforpeace.org

Well that’s all for this first edition in the month of April. As always everyone can sent in their memories, photos and news to H.Knot@home.nl

And if you still use a transistor radio, as I do, don’t forget to switch off before sleeping, elsewhere you're wasting your batteries

Hans Knot


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