Hans Knot's International Radio Report - August 2006 (2)


Welcome to another edition and thanks for all the e mails.

In this issue once again some info from the Carl Mitchell archive, which was given to me in March by Tom and Hoodle, who were the housekeepers of Carl Mitchell and many other deejays in the late sixties and early seventies in Amsterdam. Opening once again some of the letters I found some which were sent to Carl form Thornton Heath in Surrey. They were written by one of his former shipmates on the MEBO II as the sender wrote: ‘Meant to write you before. I’ve been very busy since my return. No problems at immigration, but hours after my arrival home police called in connection with an unpaid fine. ‘ Further on in the letter the sender wrote some line on ‘Ampex equipment’: ‘As I told you the equipment is no longer in production and there will be a difficulty in obtaining a motor. The price I was quoted was 100 Pounds, this probably being higher than the original price because the supply demand situation. I also inquired about scrap equipment, but they were unable to suggest anything.’

Also the writer came back to the topic of the piece of equipment by advising to sell the ‘machine’ for less than 40 Pounds as he’s interested to buy it for that: ‘I’m slowly collecting studio equipment and either of my own or perhaps with Spangles it could perhaps be put in good use. The most recent acquisition is a pair of RCA Microphones.’ The sender has also good memories to Hoodle as he wrote: ‘Give my love to Betty (which is Hoodle’s original name), whom I meant to see before I departed. As usual my decision to return was made on the spur of a moment, when I was feeling somewhat depressed and not quite my irresponsible self. ‘

Deep thinking who it could be writing the letter undated to Carl and some envelopes later again the same person writing to Carl. This time I could mention that it was written on October 21st 1970. One of the lines was: ‘I’ve tested the mixer and it’s working OK. Also I had a look at the Spotmaster that plays back but it’s not recording. I want to ask Spangles what he knows about the machines.’

Well strange lines but mentioning Spangles and the equipment gave me the ideas the writer was mentioning equipment which was formerly on one of the Caroline ships which were caught by the Wijsmuller Company in 1968 and were in Amsterdam harbour and later Zaandam. It’s known to me and many other people that some former Caroline deejays and technicians were so clever to visit both ships to get equipment from the ships for use when a comeback was possible, So here’s the big question: ‘Who wrote those two letters?’

All answers can be send to the regular address: Hknot@home.nl

Also some of the other 1968 documents I want to bring back for the first time to this open forum. In the Carl Mitchell archive letters can be found sent to 'c/o' in several places. In Amsterdam, Groningen, Haarlem and Amstelveen he had several so called 'hiding' addresses where people could sent in letters and on several occasions also money for his 'prestigious' projects. This was in the period 1968 up till 1969, so after he left Radio Caroline. He had all kind of ideas to make money. The first one I found were several letters in which Caroline listeners had been asked to sent in a card for more information for flats to be rented in Spain. A commercial for that purpose had been produced just days before the last transmission from the MV Mi Amigo of the British East Coast, early March 1968. Letters were coming in up till late March asking for more info and the brochure about the flats. The original address from Caroline, at Singel 160, was used, as well as one at Bieschbosch in Amstelveen, a place not far away from Amsterdam. Also I found back a bunch of letters, concerning the same issue 'flats to rent in Spain' in an envelope whereby a typed memo was found, written by Nan Richardson, who - together with her husband Don, were mainly were doing the daily running of the office in Amsterdam till the end of March 1968. You can see that the letter was sent to a certain 'Jim'. Who can tell us more about this 'flat project' as well as Jim Houlihan. I think it's the same person who once was the personal guard for Ronan O'Rahilly and was on the MV Mi Amigo for some time in the seventies. Who can tell more?

Hi Hans.

Thanks very much for another interesting report - I always look forward to reading this. Steve Beddard's question relating to the Caroline South's programme schedule on 14th August 1967 prompted me to look up my radio notebooks, which I hadn't looked at properly in nearly 40 years! I've rediscovered all sorts of things I never knew I still had, such as my old Caroline Club membership card, letters from Caroline North DJs Mike Marriott, Tom Lodge and DLT! It's taken me 3 hours of interesting distractions to be able to reply to the question! Anyway, my notes for the day show the following for Caroline South:

0000 Kilroy
0600 Keith Hampshire
0900 Roger Day
1200 Tom Edwards/Johnnie Walker (the final UK tender arrived during the show)
1500 New DJ to Caroline: RWB (Ross William Brown)
1800 Robbie Dale
2100-2400 Johnnie Walker
The tender took off Killroy, Keith Hampshire and Tom Edwards for the last time and Roger Day to get his passport renewed. Hope this helps. As a matter of interest, I don't know whether anyone is looking for the following information, but quickly looking through my notes for 1970, I see that I have jotted down complete chart listings for RNI for many months during 1970. I would be happy to share/add these into the appropriate archives if anyone wants them.

Finally, I've decided to go to the Radio Day for the first time this year. I plan coming over on early Saturday morning and staying over in Amsterdam for a few days - I wonder where people are staying because it would be nice to spend some time in the evening with my fellow anoraks after the main proceedings for the Radio Day have been concluded. If anyone wants to contact me, my e-mail address is alan@tinkster1949.demon.co.uk.
Best wishes Alan Milewczyk

Thanks Alan and I hope to shake hands with you too on November 4th.

Another answer comes from Holland and reader Rob Gerritsen: ‘I remember the programming after 3 in the afternoon with RWB till 6 in the evening. This followed till 9 with Robbie Dale. Then Johnny Walker who also went the first minutes into illegality after midnight. But what happened after midnight? Carl Mitchell arrived at a later stage. I do remember Ross Brown was a new lad on the ship and didn’t paid attention to the law on Caroline South. It was Robbie Dale who came in a few minutes after three in the afternoon to say goodbye to the guys at Radio London and also asked for some silence. I still recall this and I must say at that stage, in 1967, I was a young boy going to school and it really did hurt that the British Government did act against our stations.

August 14th 1967 was remembered again this year on several radio stations as well on internet radio. Keith Skues was on BBC Eastern Countries Radio with his Pirate Skues Radio and brought an old episode from BBC Radio 1 series ‘The story of pop’ called ‘From ship to shore’. Also many other station paid attention, this after 39 years!

From Dick Offringa an internetsite to click: site from Alan Bailey - www.208itwasgreatradioluxembourg.co.uk
It’s about a new book about the rich history of the station and is more than an inside look. A must for those who have good memories to the station of the stars. In a later issue of the Knot International Radio Report I will tell you more about the book as the publishers will sent me a review copy

In last issue I asked you who was the crewmember or deejay on the photo, which was made in 1965 on the Radio Syd ship Cheetah 2. Well a lot of answers and almost everybody thought to know the guy. However there were only a few who had the correct answer and the first one who had it right was Oeds Jan Koster from Holland. Well we all know the man on the photo in last issue, as it was a very young Mick Jagger who made, together with fellow Rolling Stones in that year, a trip to the ship of the Swedish coast.

Another Stone on board Radio Syd, Brian Jones
(Archive Martin van der Ven)

Hello Hans, ’I want to ask if you do remember the deejay or crewmember on the next photo which was for a short period on the radio ship of Radio Syd in 1965’, you asked in the early August Radio report. Well, the answer is Mick Jagger. There are several pictures in the same serie, I've been told. This spring Swedish Television showed a program called ‘Rolling like a stone’ This program was a documentary and contained several private films taken in Malmö/Sweden in 1965. One of them was taken when the Rolling Stones visited Radio Syd. Here is a link to SvT:
Regards, Per Alarud

In last issue I wrote: ‘This time a shorter issue of the Knot Report, due to the fact I was too busy’.

A response and question on that came in: ‘hahahah you put out more material than anybody! how long does it take you each month? hour a day? What ever happened to Rick Dane? emp

Well about Rick Dane I took a look at the Pirate Hall of Fame: ‘There seems to be some confusion as to where and when Rick was born. Who's Who In Pop Radio says it was Cape Town, South Africa. John Venmore-Rowland's Radio Caroline claims Port Louis, Mauritius, on 22nd February 1941. A 1967 profile in the New Musical Express says Mauritius but prefers the birth year of 1945. The article also gives his real name as Randall Gautier. All agree that, while still a teenager, he worked on Springbok Radio in South Africa as well as comparing touring pop package shows. Rick came to England and studied acting at the Webber Douglas Academy, performing in a stage version of The Knack and acting alongside Vanessa Redgrave in The World's Baby at London's Royal Court Theatre. After a spell as resident DJ at the Wimbledon Palais and a brief stint on Radio City, Rick joined Radio Caroline in early 1966. He worked on both ships and had a couple of different theme tunes: All For You by Earl Van Dyke and In The Midnight Hour by Little Mack and the Boss Sound. He was involved in a drama at sea when, in May 1966, he helped rescue two female sailors when their catamaran got into trouble near Caroline South. After he left the ship at the end of 1966, Rick continued to be heard on the station via the pre-recorded Lucky Birthday Bonanza competition. He was involved in the promotion of concerts at London's Saville Theatre, then owned by Beatles manager Brian Epstein, and was one of the many ex-pirates to join Radio One at its launch in September 1967. He was a co-host on Top Gear but did not stay with the station for long. He worked in club promotion, both in the UK and on the continent, but, having lost touch with him, we asked if anyone knew his present whereabouts. An anonymous email arrived at the end of 2001 with the following information: “Rick Dane aka Richard Gautier is now a very successful designer of nightclubs with offices in Miami, Florida. He also supplies DJs to nightclubs all over Europe especially Germany. He can be seen at the Miami Music Conference each year as a speaker.”

Talking about the Pirate Hall of Fame, after two months they have a wonderful update: ‘What's new on the Hall of Fame this month? We remember Caroline North's Ric Jonns with a long-lost interview; and following Radio 270's fortieth anniversary, two more DJs from that station, Hal Yorke and Mike Hayes, have contributed their memories (and, in Hal's case, some photographs). See the newly updated feature; in June 2006 BBC Radio York celebrated Radio 270's 40th anniversary with special programmes broadcast from a the pleasure boat. We have photos. As always, the DJ Directory has details of the site contents and news of the latest additions.’ So I advice you to go at once to: http://www.offshoreradio.co.uk

In last issue I mentioned the people at Monitor, department Guernsey, were looking for a recording.

Some two weeks later this a mail came in from Guernsey: ‘I'd thought that you'd like to know that your few lines in your last International Radio Reports worked wonders, I've now got that missing recording of the Radio Caroline Radio Nordsee International Christmas Link Up of 1972. My thanks to Ian Biggar from Scotland for the valuable recording of the Link Up from 03.51 to 04.55 which now I think completes our missing section of recording from our Monitor Audio data base library. He was also able to fill in some of our other blanks which I didn't know existed recording wise concerning the year 1972. We traded recordings from our Monitor Audio Library which he did not have in his audio library. I spoke with him on the landline and found out that he worked with the late Daffy Don Allen and I think the other great Allan non other than Tony Allan, in Ireland. He no longer is in the broadcasting field and now works for a Telecommunications company in Scotland. One other detail he now lives very close to where the old light ship Comet (Radio Scotland 242 fame) was anchored and broadcasted from. Ian is one person I will stay in touch with as he certainly has a very large data base of recordings from our Broadcasting Fleet of old. Thanks again Hans for your wonderful help and my thanks also to Dr. Martin van der Ven who wrote to you about my problems.’

Oké Robert good to know also you became a bit happier with the help of our readers. Also Ian wrote in himself with another subject: ‘Hi Hans, I was having a chat with my old mate Paul Graham the other day and the conversation got around to days gone by, as it normally does! We were talking about the old landbased pirate World Music Radio that operated on short wave from the Netherlands during the late 60's and early 70's. Paul well remembered listening to them on a Sunday, but unfortunately I got my first short wave receiver the month after they were raided, in August 1973. I did eventually hear them from other locations like Andorra, Italy and Ireland, but sadly missed their true pirate days. Paul and I did agree that it is hard to get recordings of WMR from that pirate period and it would be nice to have some to remember the station. Therefore I was wondering if any readers have some tapes of the original World Music Radio in their collection. I would be glad to buy, swap or whatever.
Thanks Hans, Ian.’

Well I hope that also on this subject someone has the answer (in this case some recordings of WMR) and can reflect to the Knot International Radio Report.

I had some fun receiving the next e mail from Australia: ‘Now you and Graham Gill aren't the only guys outside the US and UK with a Swinging Radio England Reunion t-shirt from Rick Randall. Well, I guess Sven has one up in Norway. too. Also not sure if Colin Nichol received one as well since Rick offered the last remaining two samples to the Down under veterans. Mine arrived a few days ago and I wore it to my wife's art gallery opening last night in Port Adelaide. That's her on the left and the other woman, Gay Lewis, acted in the play (‘Separate Tables’) I helped produce and direct last month. The tire, by the way, has a floral design instead of tread and is one of Melanie's most talked about pieces.
best regards, Jack Curtis.’

A question from Letty van Stouten. She was surfing the web lately to see if there were any memories to Radio Delmare and her late brother Rob van Stouten, who worked as Rob van der Meer some stint on Radio Delmare in the late seventies. Sadly Rob passed away in 1993. One thing she missed, up till now, is a videorecording of a VOO special about Delmare. In this recording her brother is jumping into the sea. She would love to have a copy. Please if you have sent Letty an e mail: lettylief@hotmail.com

From far away as New Zealand the next mention: ‘Hi ! Today I visited the Radio Hauraki website www.hauraki.co.nz If you visit click on the history button and you will view a slide show and also you can listen live also. Regards David Miller.’

An e mail from Enschede, near the German border in eastern Holland. ‘Thanks for another interesting radio report with memories from the good old days. A pity to read that Quality Radio has lost four of their frequencies. I think the medium wave is getting lesser interesting. A very good golden oldie station seems far away now and everything runs around a lot of money. Well we still have Radio Waddenzee, a pity they are only on 1 kW, while Radio Vittoria from Spain – which uses the same frequency (1602kHz) comes sometimes in very good and often makes it very unpleasant to listen to our Dutch station. Hopefully this will change when the signal comes from the ship one day. Greetings, Martin van der Valk.’

Thanks Martin and hopefully a dream comes true when the signal of Waddenzee will come in stronger at your place. Next e mail comes from England.

‘Hi Hans, it's been a while since we met at one of the reunions but great to be kept in touch via your informative newsletters. Goodness knows how you
keep up with it all. Could you please note my change of address as above to be used from now on as the old one will shortly cease to be. Thanks, wouldn't want to miss anything. Cheers, Pauline Miller.’

Thanks for the nice words Pauline. I met Pauline, who is also an avid lover of the real Big L, for the first time in 1997 at an RSL in the St. Katherine’s Dock in London. Second time was in 2002 when the Big L reunion took place in London. Keep enjoying the report Pauline!

Late 1984 Radio Caroline got on the Ross Revenge a sister station called Radio Monique. The Dutch station partly paid the running costs (well most of them) for the Caroline organisation and brought us – like every radio station – good as well as bad presenters. In the category ‘good’ we can put Jan Veldkamp. He nowadays is working for Omroep Zeeland, the regional station in the Province of Zeeland. And I think they must be happy that have Jan Veldkamp (Parent which is his real name) within the team. Next to that Jan is very fond on sports. He can be seen on his bike very often in the South Western Part of Holland but also in other countries during the summer. This year his cycling trip ended in the surrounding of Nice, in France. And that made visit him to the home of Marjo and Leen Vingerling who did a part of the tendering of the Ross Revenge in the eighties. So they once again shared a lot of memories. Leen wrote me that, after more than 25 years, Jan Veldkamp still has a daily memory to his time in international waters.

Leen Vingerling and Jan Veldkamp

Another former Monique deejay had lately some contact with John Kotschack, the son of former Radio Nord director Jack Kotschack. I’m talking about Walter Zwart (now Sky Radio) and known as Walter Simons on some stations, including Monique. He’s very interested in the MV Mi Amigo which had some other names before that. He was interested in the flag problems and learned that history is rewritten on some internet sites. Here’s what he learned from Sweden: ‘Dear Walter, when Radio Nord started the name of the ship was Bon Jour (formerly Olga and Margaretha). But it's correct that the Swedish government put pressure on Nicaragua to withdraw its flag. On March 19, 1962 she was granted a flag from Panama and at the same time changed her name to Magda Maria. This provisional permit was renewed on the 25 of May, 1962. You don't have to be in doubt about this as I have in my possessions the documents from Germanischer Lloyd and the general consulate of Panama in Hamburg that prove these dates. Best regards, Jan Kotschack.’

A few issues ago I mentioned that it was party time in England as Roger Day was 40 years in radio. Some of the photos made at one of the two parties can be seen at: http://www.offshore-radio.de/images3/rogerday/

Our cat Ollie was very happy again to go after a bird in the garden lately. Not that he catched the birdie but you could see he had some fun. It suddenly brought back some memories to the photo my good friend Marc Jacobs sent me some months ago from the bird onboard the MV Mi Amigo. But it wasn’t the only bird on the ship. Let’s go back to May 27th 1976, some days before Marc would enter the Mi Amigo for the very first time. In my archive I found the report Monitor Magazine made: ‘We were informed that a pigeon had arrived on board and was being fed and sheltered by the captain. A few days later, two more birds arrived. By June 15th there were no less than seven birds on board. And none had left at all. Stuart Russell read out a report during his afternoon show that day: ‘We had one arrive on May 27th, the right leg ring has a colour and a number as you obviously know. The colour on the right leg is blue and the number is NU75E63104, and on the left ring, a white rubber band, the number 416. This pigeon has a light grey body, two black lines on the wings and a dark grey tail.’ Then on June12th 1976 another four pigeons showed up onboard the MV Mi Amigo. The right leg of one of the birds had a silver ring with the number NL7346538 and the left ring had a white band, but unfortunately we can’t make out the number on that. The description on the bird: it’s grey, black spotted body and the edge of the tail and the wings are black. Another has a red ring on the right leg with the number NL75149917 and so on’ Stuart chatted on for a few minutes and told at the end nine pigeons were on the ship and save and well treated. June 20th once again the pigeons were part of the program, this time it was Tom Anderson put out an appeal for some pigeon food to be sent out to the Ross Revenge – before the personnel on board ran out of food for themselves! Some days later the amount was 15 pigeons and the captain decided to made some handiwork with the making of nesting-boxes on deck the Ross Revenge.’ While typing out this segment of the report I recalled myself the story I once heard of one the deck mates on the MV Fredericia in the mid sixties. On the ship for Caroline North there was a captain who once decided to have his own chickens on board. Well who within the readership of the Knot International Radio Report can tell me more about the chickens or other animals on the radio ships: hknot@home.nl

More sports as onboard the MV Mi Amigo, the same year 1976. The captain had invested in expensive gear to ‘go go fishing’. Not only the captain but also a few of the crewmembers and deejays. They went for baby sharks who were around near the Frinton on the Naze coast in those days. Late Samantha Dubois complained a lot when the captain caught a baby shark and killed it. Some of the crew members however were quite unsympathetic as they attempted to justify the action by telling that there are more sharks in the sea than people on earth!

Philip Fieoen from Belgium asked me in an e mail if he could get a plug for his own website about offshore radio: http://users.skynet.be/miamigo. A pity Philip has taken photos from the web from several other people without mentioning the official source.

Another question from Belgium came in: ‘What is known about the listeners to offshore radio station behind the Iron Curtain? I know some of the readers are living in that area and could possible bring in their own story. As always to Hknot@home.nl

When I had written, in cooperation with some other people, the book ’20 Years Radio Caroline’ it was mentioned on the station, including my personal address. I did get a few orders from Eastern Germany, Poland as well from one listener to Caroline in Moscow. He asked me to get a free copy as it was impossible for him to sent in IRC’s or dollars. After about 9 month I got a thank you card from the person. I also do remember AJ Beirens mentioned listeners in the former Eastern Europe in his program ‘RNI goes DX’ in the seventies. Maybe AJ, as a reader of the Knot International Radio Report, can come with his memories about this subject?

Another question from the same guy was if the Volans, the ship who helped when the MEBO II was on fire (May 15th 1971) had something to do with the ship Volans, which was near the Ross Revenge in August 1989 when the raid on the ship took place. Well I can tell you that it is indeed the same ship.

Laser Deejay DL Bogart had another nickname ‘Europe’s most desired single man’ and this with thanks to Jan Fré Vos, who did sent it in after hearing some old recordings.

Then an e mail from Steve in England: ‘Thanks Hans for another informative report. Did you see the one I wrote, and the pictures, of the Roger Day evening in Margate at www.offshore-radio.de? I have also written one about my trip to your country for Bospop 2006.’

Well you can have yourself a look there. Another very interesting story with many unique photos as well as air-checks can be found on the same page and is called: ‘Ständig auf Empfang. Ein nostalgischer Rundblick auf die Seesender’. It’s the ultimate story how Martin van der Ven wrote down his personal memories to the radio listening through the years and remembered very well the places and countries where he was at certain historic moments. Although in German everyone can get some nice time visiting this story. www.offshore-radio.de

Young Martin (Archive Martin van der Ven)

Can I give myself a plug? Yes on www.hansknot.com a new story can be found when you click on the photo which shows a 12 years young Hans Knot and a record player you can find the story telling my first 25 years in love with the radio.

                                                                                                                    Archive Hans Knot

Some people go, some come and other make a comeback. Sad to hear that the VARA Radio has decided to end a long series of programs called ‘Off the record’ on Radio 2. It was on the station every Saturday between 11 in the evening and 1 in the night an highlighted American music. It was very popular. Due to the fact the public radiostation are getting lesser money a lot of interesting programs have been dropped after summer. ‘Off the record’ was well presented by Mart Smeets. He is known by Offshore Radio Lovers from the program ‘AD Sport en Sportwereld’ which was on RNI in the seventies. He is also on TV for several decades as anchor man on the NOS Sport Program.

Since August 12th listeners to the regional station Radio Gelderland can listen to Eddie Becker, returning to the radio. He presents on Saturdays and Sundays ‘Weekend Retour.’ It can be heard from 13 up till 15. However it’s only for three weeks. Eddie is sitting in for Tom Blomberg, who is on holiday. Tom is as well as Eddie a reader of the Knot International Report and are both avid radio lovers for many years. Eddie was a very popular Veronica deejay in the sixties. Later he worked for VARA as well as NCRV, both Public stations and in the early nineties also was heard on Holland FM.

The German Radio Day

An diesem Samstag veranstalten wir wieder das Treffen für Radiomacher
und Hörer in den Räumen des Observatoriums . Die Veranstaltung findet von 14.00 Uhr bis 21.00 Uhr der Sternwarte Neanderhöhe SNH, in 40699 Erkrath statt. Einlass ist ab 12.00 Uhr. Programmpunkte:
-Kurzwelle mit Relais : MV BalticRadio und Radio Marabu.
-Eine Expedition zum Red-Sands Fort in der Themse-Mündung. Im Sommer besuchten drei deutsche Offshore-Fans diese Anlage. Die künstliche Insel diente in den sechziger Jahren als Basis für die Station Radio 390. Inzwischen kümmert sich eine Stiftung in England um den Erhalt des Forts. Robin Adcroft von der Stiftung und Graham Gill, seinerzeit als DJ bei Radio 390 tätig gewesen, sind Gäste unserer Veranstaltung .
-Bürgerfunk in NRW: hat die Zukunft schon begonnen? Die Regierung von NRW beabsichtigt eine Neuregelung des Bürgerfunks in einer Novelle des Landesmediengesetzes. Dazu wird die "Volpers-Studie" gern von der Politik und der Landesmedienanstalt in ihren Schlußfolgerungen zitiert.Wenn man die Studie liest, dann muß man nicht zwingend zu den gleichen Schlußfolgerungen kommen. Zur Klärung der IST-Situation und zur Erläuterung der politischen
Zielsetzung erwarten wir eine spannende und hochaktuelle Diskussionsrunde für
die beiden Verbände des Bürgerfunks in NRW, LBF und IGR, ihre Teilnahme
zugesagt haben. Veranstaltungsort: Vom Düsseldorfer Hauptbahnhof aus fährt man mit der S -Bahn Linie S 8 in Richtung Hagen Wuppertal bis Haltepunkt Hochdahl-Millrath, geht dann in Fahrtrichtung an der Landstraße bis zum Hausmannsweg. An diesem liegt nach ein paar hundert Metern das Observatorium. Die Anfahrt mit dem Auto ab der Autobahn Abfahrt Haan-West der A 46 ist im Ort Erkrath ausgeschildert. Es gibt auch einen Lageplan unter
http://www.sternwarte-neanderhoehe.de oder
Der Eintritt beträgt 9.-EURO ( 5,- EURO für Mitglieder der Caroline
Support Group ). Voranmeldung oder Rückfragen bitte an:
Jan Sundermann , Millrather Weg 74 , D -40699 Erkrath.
e-mail :
Telefon : 0171 - 492 5829


When going to Dublin, to visit our son Pim, Jana and I made the trip with a plane from Schiphol Airport to Ireland. It was very nice to have a short talk with Robbie Dale and his wife Stella, who were sitting in front of us at the airbus. Will have a longer talk soon. Hope you had a good time in Ireland too.

Sad to announce that on August 16th Krijn Torringa died after a long fight with cancer. Krijn became 66 and was first part of the duo ‘Bob and Brenda’ on Veronica. Brenda became his later wife (Freda) and they were both successful in the sixties on Radio Veronica. He left for AVRO radio and tv in the seventies and made a long career in radio as well as presenting the radio and tv programmes ‘Hollands Glorie’ and ‘Top Pop’. In the nineties he was back on offshore radio by presenting programs on Radio 819. During the last years he was doing programs on regional and local radio. A special ‘goodbye’ to Krijn was held at the Arke football stadium in Enschede, where he was stadium speaker during the last years too. Speeches were held by several people including Father Abraham (Pierre Kartner) and former AVRO and Veronica colleague Cees van Zijtveld.

   Krijn Torringa 1973 (photo Hans Knot)        Krijn 2001 (photo Hans Knot)   

Internetradiostation Radio Mi Amigo 192 will be ‘on air’ from a radioship, MS Fortuna, remembering the days of Offshore Radio. The station claims to be a follow up from which was once the offshore radio station Mi Amigo. It is this year 32 years ago the Dutch law against the offshore station came in. Mi Amigo went on transmitting her programs up till 1979. On www.radiomiago.eu the trip with the Fortuna can be listened to between August 30 at 18 hrs Dutch time up till late in the evening of August 31st. Known voices from then, including Peter de Vries, Ad Roberts, Hendrik van Nellestijd, Ferry Eden, Ad Roland and Erik de Zwart can be heard. Also, if weather conditions are good, the signal will be relayed on 1224 kHz, one of the Quality Radio Frequencies from Ruud Poeze.

Just before closing this edition of the Knot International Radio Report an e mail came in from ‘Young’ Paul Rusling: ‘I shall be fronting a programme on Offshore Music Radio next Monday night (27th), straight after Coronation Street. No doubt the old 'platforms at sea' jingle will be aired, along with a Yorkie one too - not to mention some traditional Long Wave stuff ("The Shopping Forecast" anyone?) . . . . and there is bound to be some Nancy Sinatra, Shocking Blue, Earth & Fire, Zen, Chi Coltrane, and all those other red hot girlies! Maybe that will give them something to talk about on Digispy / YukOnAir & Anorak Nation ? I cannot say more or I shall be accused of soliciting listeners.’

Next an e mail from Canada: ‘I was away for a few weeks on vacation and I haven't seen any recent newsletters from you. Have I dropped off your mailing list or have you been taking some time off too? I am still hoping to attend the VOP reunion this year and have to start to make arrangements for flight and
hotel. I was hoping you have some updated information. Look forward to hearing from you soon and meeting you in person later this year. Regards, John Thomson.’ Thanks John.

It’s August and yes I was on vacation too. And indeed the Radio Day will take place in Amsterdam within 3 months from now. For all the latest info, you can go to a special site: www.offshore-radio.de/radioday/

Well Paul have some fun. I’ll be back in some weeks with more goodies and memories. Don’t forget to switch off as my radio still has batteries and keep your memories and news coming to Hknot@home.nl

Hans Knot



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