Recently I got a big envelope with newspapercuts, booklets, photos and many more about the history of offshore radio and commercial radio as well as AFN/AFRTS radio from one of the readers from the Hans Knot International Report from England, Brian Goolding.

Many of the material is bringing back a lot of memories but some of it is very rare and unique as well as totaly unknown to me. For instant the 'WRNC Dial Spot news' which, I think, is a leaflet from 1969. It brings information of interesting radio programmes to be received in those days in Western Europe. Programs from station(s) from international waters, with Veronica as example, were not included, because of their location. Of course the editor of this leaflet thought about the problems he could get with the British Authorities when he would publish the programs on offshore radio in those days. The Marine Offences Act would certainly count if he had published more about offshore radio. The mentioned leaflet was published by the WRNC team with a BCM called Radio News in London WC1. My question is who knows more about this publication and if more than one issue was published. As always answers and your own memories may go to