Hans Knot's International Radio Report - June 2005 (2) 


Hello and a very welcome from a warm and beautiful Holland. On the evening the last report came out, some reflections on the content came in already with a first mention of Alexander Roos, who wrote: ‘I’ve also a page on line with photo’s taken at the transmitter site Trintelhaven, were the transmitter for the new Big L is standing. These photo’s I’ve taken just a day before Radio 10 stopped using the 1395 kHz. The page can be found at: http://members.lycos.nl/radiopages2002/trintelhaven.htm

Eric Creugers tried to get on one of the sites which was mentioned last time and found out that it was a bit incorrect

Henk de Boer from Dokkum got a mention last time when he gave is info about how he listened to the New Big L. He’s here again first with a photo taken in Friesland of the new aerial mast of Radio Waddenzee/Radio Seagull.

He added: ‘But I listen only to Radio Seagull when Radio London is not on air... hi, hi....’ . And reflecting on Victor Hartman’s remembering Caroline testing in the seventies on 773 kHz Henk de Boer wrote: ‘Hans I do remember this also! In those days I went on bike from the school to our farm, meanwhile listening to RNI. While going over the dial I found Radio Caroline testing on 773.

I remember that clear! When the deejay talked you heard the sound from the other program in the back. And often there was a mentioning of an address for reports. I am (now) not sure, but it was in The Hague! In later years on that frequency were pirates stations on air from Holland. Stations like: Radio Sylvania and Radio Mercurius and Radio Mercurius Amsterdam. Also Radio Walvisbaai and Radio Koraalvisser were transmitting on that frequency. I enjoying your stories Hans. A pleasure to read, thanks a lot.’

Robert from Guernsey thought in an earlier report that there was probably also one of the Delmare vessels visiting Guersney before coming on air as Radio Delmare. I asked Leen Vingerling, who was heavily involved with the Delmare organisation for an answer: ‘I'm not aware that any of radio Delmare ships were fitted out at Guernsey. There was a Oceaan IX or Helena registered as Scheveningen 54. This ship was bought by Radio Delmare in 1978,but fitted out in Scheveningen. As far I know the fishing trawler never sailed to Guernsey. This ship went to the northern fishing grounds of the North Sea. You're probably confused with Radio 270. I know for sure that the ship of Radio 270 was indeed in Guernsey. She stayed there a fortnight in order to install the huge aerial. That must have been March 1966. It was a Dutch fishing vessel called Oceaan VII, later anglicised into Ocean 7. It left the Island on Wednesday 30th March 1966. Leendert Vingerling’.

Thanks Leen it will be off help for Robert.

And Robert from Guernsey comes with his answers on the question he had in an earlier report about what Guernsey had to do with three other offshore radio stations: ‘The answer to my teaser about what other stations have links with Guernsey or the channel Islands:-

1.) At some stage, in the life of the M.V.Ross Revenge, she was birthed in St.Peter Port and St.Sampsons Harbours (after her fishing life), she was in fact taken from Guernsey and sailed to Spain some time in late 1981 or early 1982. It is thought possible that Peter Murtha sailed on board the Ross Revenge when she left Guernsey for Spain!. The Ross also was briefly off Guernsey in August 1983 as she sailed to the Knock Deep, The people in the harbour office had almost a heart attack when they saw the monster mast when she sailed up the Little Russel heading to wards Alderney in the early hours of the morning of 5th/6th August. A harbour office source has it that a Sark Shipping Company boat went along side with passengers and stores just off the Isle of Sark, this has not been confirmed nor has it been denied!. 

2.) It is widely believed that tendering was in operation from Guernsey for the M.V. Mi Amigo after the MOA of 1967 and when the Mi Amigo was again off the English coast after August 1974, one of the tenders, the MV Hosanna, was registered over here and was believed to have been lost with all life’s while on such a journey in 1979. The Ross may have also been tendered at some stage from Guernsey, although there is no proof of such a thing happening!.

3.) Radio Nordsee International RNI) had links with Guernsey & Sark through various companies that worked through Switzerland Electronics), MEBO AG Ltd. And they may still have links as MEBO AG Ltd. are still active!.’

Well done Robert and he will soon go into the archives himself to do more research about the subject ‘Guernsey and Offshore Radio’.

An e mail came in from Bill Danse. Who does remember him from the Voice of Peace days. A lot of those who have worked on the Peace Project of Abe Nathan are reading the report: ‘ Hi Hans, first of all I’ve to give you my compliments on the reports. They are very nice to read and also every time there’s some space for memories on the Voice of Peace. And reading those it often comes to my mind if it’s a good idea to organise a tribute reunion for Abe and all the others who have worked on the Peace ship between 1969 and 1993. Of course I know this will be very difficult, only counting the enormous amount of people who have worked on the Peace Ship during the four years I’ve worked there. Greetings Bill Danse.’

Thanks Bill, well those of you who have worked on the VOP and feel such a thing should happen please inform me on Hknot@home.nl

And we can see of such a thing is maybe something for next year, next to the yearly Radio Day, in Amsterdam. 

Ian Smith asked for a photo: ‘Nice reading, Hans, and the previous reports also. And now at the age of 52...how about you fulfil a old man’s dream from his youth! As I go down on my knees before a picture of the Mi Amigo....I pray you tell me where I can get a photo of Samantha Dubois? Love, Light and Peace, Ian. 

I think Ian must have crept into his radio when Sam was on in those days.


Like last month we bring you another chart from the RNI days. This time we go over to the month of June 1971:

RNI SUPER HIT 50 JUNE 13th 1971

Presented between 15 and 18 hrs by Mike Ross

50 I can see the lights – Tee Set
49 Blauwe Korenbloemen – Zusjes de Roo
48 I’m on my own again - Bintangs
47 Somebody stole my wife – Mungo Jerry
46 Vlammetjes - Helga
45 Lieve Sonja – De Makkers
44 Rumba Tamba – Martin Wulms
43 Julie July - Buggies
42 Mozart Symphonie 40 – Waldo de los Rios
41 Bannerman – Blue Mink
40 We gaan naar Londen – Willy Alberti
39 Je bent de allerbeste - Heintje
38 Can you get it – Ashton Gardner and Van Dyke
37 Railroad song – April Shower
36 Hot love – T Rex
35 It don’t come easy – Ringo Star
34 Le tournasol – Nana Mouskouri
33 My brother Jake - Free
32 He’s gonna step on you – John Congas
31 Malt and Barley Blues – McGuiness Flint
30 If - Bread
29 So long Barbara – Mardi Grass
28 Ajax zal hem raken – Ed en Willem Bever
27 Waarheen waarvoor – Mieke Telkamp
26 Never leave me lonely - Road
25 Jakaranda – Lally Stott
24 Try baby – Janis Joplin
23 Ajax wint de wereldcup - Specials
22 Tweedle dee tweedle dum – Middle of the road
21 Loop di love – Juan Bastos
20 Hey Willy - Hollies
19 Proud Mary – Ike and Tina Turner
18 Middernacht – Gebroeders Brouwer
17 A day begins – Greenfield and Cook
16 Me and you and a dog named Boo - Lobo
15 Funny Funny - Sweet
14 Underneath the blanket go – Gilbert O Sullivan
13 Mary in the morning – Guy Fletcher
12 Ce Sera – José Feliciano
11 Ein Mädchen für immer – Peter Orloff
10 Love her madly - Doors
9 I am I sad – Neil Diamond
8 Zou het erg zijn lieve opa - Wilma
7 Tuesdays dead – Cat Stevens
6 Double Barrel – Dave and Ansil Collins
5 Put your hand in the hand - Ocean
4 Poetas Andaluces - Aquaviva
3 Rosetta – Alan Price and Georgie Fame
Soldiers prayer – Oscar Harris and the Twinkle Stars
1 Brown Sugar – Rolling Stones

This Top 50 was a repeat on the Sunday afternoon by the English Service. In that period the Dutch and English Service shared the same chart. Of course this gave severe problems with the pronunciation of the titles in Dutch by – in this case – Mike Ross. Also he was, in my opinion, that Sunday totally disinterested and wanted to walk through the fifty on high speed. Within an hour he played 24 songs so the third hour could be filled with deejay hit picks as well as the two new smash plays. The same list was presented on the Dutch Service a day earlier by Joost den Draayer. 

In the meantime I can tell you that, with a big thanks to Hans ten Hooge or Hans Hoogendoorn, there are around 100 different lists already available. He came with the idea to ask readers for the charts of the international service. They’re coming from different sources and by now a part is already available on the Internet: www.mediapages.nl

Tjerk de Vries comes from Hook of Holland, not too far away from another harbour, the one of Scheveningen. He is following offshore radio already for decades and told me that the small tender and some of the other towing vessels of the Trip Company have been sold already years ago and that within the Trip Company Fleet the only ship which remember us to the good old days of Offshore Radio, is the Trip Tender.

Last time I had a discussion with JC Hans van Achterberg about the real reason why the international service of RNI had gone off the air for 10 days and instead of that a Dutch evening service was started. JC wrote: ‘It’s my thought that this could have been caused while more and more Caroline minded deejays were leaving / or had already left the station in favor of Radio Caroline. Probably they decided to put Dutch tapes on air instead.’ 

John de Mol sr.

Personally I didn’t agree with him and asked if anyone else had an idea. It’s Ian from Scotland who reflects: ‘Hi Hans, The theory about de Mol stopping RNI's International Service in late 1972 is unlikely. Only Spangles and Chicago joined Radio Caroline at this time. People like Andy Archer and CSJ had left RNI a long time before. The guys who were sacked included Mike Ross and Arnold Layne, both of whom returned to RNI along with Dave Rogers and Terry Davies who didn't! However they did not go to Radio Caroline either! The reason given, if I remember right, was that the International service did not generate revenue so why was it on? De Mol was only too happy to fill the hours with his own material. Amazing that we are discussing these events 33 years on. Such is the magic of offshore radio! Cheers, Ian (Biggar). 

I think I’ve to add the following as it’s far more complicated. I think at one time the contract between the Dutch (Strengholt concern) and the Swiss (MEBO Ltd) was a very complex one in which several things were arranged otherwise than in 1970. For instance the payment of the international deejays came from Hilversum and later Naarden. (Strengholt). Also the international deejays, when not on the ship, had to be present at the Drive inn shows on a regular base. Costs of tendering were also for Strengholt. In that way the Swiss (MEBO II) had a cost free international service and a ‘toy’ where the two, Meister and Bollier, could be proud of to their friends and business relations. Mol Sr. thought he could change the international service (where not a lot of money came in from) into a Dutch service without discussing it on forehand with the Swiss. Of course, as avid short wave listeners, they were hearing it with astonishment the Dutch service was on in the evening. An urgent meeting took place in which De Mol was told to bring back the international service as this was a part of the contract. And so after 10 days of easy listening the International Service was back and we could enjoy many hours of listening pleasure on ‘220’ in the evenings and early hours of the morning.

By the way, Ian had another question too: ‘I don't know if you are aware of anyone who has a record of the RNI charts from 1970, but I need help putting a date on a recording. I have a Roger Day show from May 1970 on 244m. It is before the election and it is a Thursday, which leaves the 4th or 11th. A good clue is that he plays ‘Cottonfields’ by the Beach Boys and it is number 10 in the chart. Could anybody confirm the week that this song was at this position thus confirming the date of the recording for me?’

Well Ian keep hope as I know somebody, who reads the Knot radio report too, has written down a lot of the charts from 1970 and maybe can reflect to the question, as we don’t have either one of those yet in the archive.

Then an e mail from no one else than Duncan Johnson who the offshore listeners know from Radio London in the sixties as well as from RNI in 1970. He’s reader of the report too and saw in last issue a photo: ‘Hans, You showed a photo of Andy Archer in your latest report in which it is difficult to see very much hair. I attached a photo from June 1970 in which the hirsute tendencies were on display. Cheers, Duncan

Archer and Roger Day talking to one of the bosses

Thanks Duncan for the photo and comments.

Bad news was coming in on Sunday the 5th from Larry in the USA: ‘Hans, Friday, June 3rd all the WCBS-FM jocks and the Program Director were let 
go as the station, owned by Infinity Broadcasting, went to a new format called ‘JACK-FM’ JACK-FM is a format where 25 hits from the 70's, 80's and 90's are played in a row without DJs. There will be no more news, weather, traffic - only music. Harry Harrison called me Friday night to tell me that he will no longer be working there. Also Chicago's oldies station followed suit. This all happened suddenly and without warning at 4 PM EST.
Larry Ware, Peoria.’

Well you can ask yourself where the future is for nowadays radio!

During the first week of June a Dutch delegation visited China to see if they could cooperate within some Chinese radio stations. China has an important grow in the financial world, with a grow of 9% last year, so it’s very interesting to be part of the radio industry there. Within the delegation were two former Offshore deejays, Lex Harding (Radio 227 and Veronica) and Ruud Hendriks (Rob Hudson ex Radio Mi Amigo and Radio Caroline). Both are very well known names within the Dutch Media world.

There was one e mail from Don Stevens coming in on June 7th, in which he asked – among other things – if I could bring his greetings to Phil Bendle in Auckland New Zealand. As there are thousands of readers I can’t see at once if he is a so called ‘ e’ reader, the ones who get the report by E mail. Anyway there are a few readers in the surrounding of Auckland, so I think someone can Phill Don’s greetings as he has so many good memories working together with him.

From Israel I got an e mail from Eytan Harris, who contacted me for the first time some two years ago. This time he asked me to use a photo from the Voice of Peace from 1973, for use in a brochure. This will given away at the Jerusalem International Film Festival this month when Eytan’s full time documentary about Abe Nathan goes on release. So in Israel Abe is also not forgotten, for what he did for the people in the Middle East.

In this issue some more space for Robert from Guernsey as he did some very good research work on the connection between Ross Revenge, the Caroline transmitting vessel, and the isle of Guernsey:’ Hans, I've just had this supplied by my contact at St.Peter Port Signal Station, and can confirm that the M.V. Ross Revenge with support tug was on station off the Isle of Sark in a position just off Sark's north coast in area called Bec du Nez and not far from Sarks harbour. The Ross was on station from 02.03 to 04.18hrs. From what I can understand the St.Peter Port Signal Station radar went a little bit strange or so they thought at the time, the station called the ship (unidentified shipping heading for Guernsey waters) just after it went past Coribiere Point Jersey when it turned up channel and headed for the Sark Box Channel (!). Both Jersey Radio (Marine) and St.Peter Port Radio (Marine) called the unidentified ship on channel 16 VHF(Marine) and 2182 kHz to warn of submerged rocks in the direction of heading.

Both Marine Radio Stations had been monitoring the ship since it had entered the Channel Islands coastal area after Brest Coast Marine(Coastguard) Radio had alerted them of unknown shipping coming into Channel Islands controlled waters area. It appears it was that 300 foot mast that had set off things on the radars, at no time did the Ross give it's name to either of our Marine Radio Stations. The Ross did get in touch with our St.Peter Port Radio at just after 02.00 hrs and told them that they were stopping on station off Sark awaiting contact with a shore agent and orders. The Isle of Sark Shipping Company dispatched its cargo vessel ‘ The Isle of Sark’ at 02.38hrs from St.Peter Port and headed for the unidentified vessel. The Isle of Sark shipping Company was acting as a Shipping agent for a Spanish concern based around Santoria, Santander in Spain, St.Peter Port Radio records show the ship sailed from Santander and was being released to new owners following sea trials!. The Isle of Sark returned to St.Peter Port Harbour at 04.03 hrs, the Ross left at 04.18 hrs after telling St.Peter Port Signal Station that they were leaving Guernsey waters and heading for Cherbourg. One other little detail Sark Shipping tried a link call to the Ross Revenge on or around 10/18 August 1983,’ 

But Robert found more about an earlier period as he writes: ‘I’ve just come across this in the file on M.V. Ross Revenge in Guernsey:- The Trawler ‘ The Ross Revenge’ - Ex Ross Fisheries Vessel. Owner:- Captain Silas Victor Oats Address: 31 High Street, Bournmouth, England. Date Vessel arrived in Guernsey:- 18th May 1979. Vessel Birth:-Old Fishing quay opposite Abert Pier St.Peter Port 19th May 1979. Vessel Registered in Guernsey: No. Registered: Great Yarmouth (GY 718) Moved to Vessel Birth:- St.Sampsons Harbour opposite Marine & General Ship repair yard 9th April 1980New Owners:- With held information by request ( St.Peter Port Harbour Office) I couldn’t find a date for when the M.V. Ross Revenge left Guernsey for Spain, may be Peter Chicago can put a date on her leaving this Channel Island. I'll keep digging over here and see what else I can find out.’ 

Great Robert and Thanks a lot! Next month more. Next to Guernsey is another Channel Island. I don’t mean Herm, which is a very tiny one which Jana and I did visit in 1998 and is a lovely resort to have a very nice time together without newspaper, radio, internet and work. In stead of that I ment Jersey, from which the next e mail comes: Hi Hans, there is a website all about Contact 94 at the following URL 
Regards, Dave

And Dave reflects on a question from a reader in last report. Great and thank you so much! 

Many readers have asked in the past weeks if there is anything to mention about the MV Communicator. Yes it’s still were it was last time we wrote about the former Laser radio ship and I think it will stay there as long as the gold mine is found by someone to completely rebuilt it. Versus Chris Faulkner I’ve got some photographs taken, earlier this month, by Alan Porter (thanks). The former radio ship from Laser 558 and Laser Hot Hits is still in the harbour of St Margarets Hope in Orkney. And you can see that the paint brush has not been used lately.

Then there’s the question if anyone of our readership knows the nowadays address or other information on Frans van der Drift. He worked for Radio Mi Amigo in the Seventies as a deejay and worked also in later years for the TROS radio as well as Radio Luxembourg. In the days of Radio Mi Amigo and TROS he was very close to Ad Roland, also known as Ad Petersen. But Ad had also lost contact with him. There are some people organising a reunion and would love to get in touch with Frans van der Drift too. Just today on Sunday June 12th on the internet station Radio Mi Amigo a repeat of an old Frans van der Driftshow could be heard.

Another RNI question comes round the corner from Ian in Scotland. He writes: 

‘In the times that RNI was off medium wave due to the jamming

27/03/70 (186) - 10/04/70 (190)
16/04/70 (190) - 30/04/70 (217)
02/05/70 (217) - 13/05/70 (244)

Did the station remain on the air only on short wave and FM? I think it may have for some of that time but not all. Maybe you can check your log book for me?’

Well as I’m working on a new book I don’t have time myself to go through the loggings to get the exact answer, but maybe someone else can do it?

If you have any answer, question or memory, it can always sent to: Hknot@home.nl

Another question coming was : “Where is Liz West at the moment?”, which I did sent to some people who knew her. Several weird answers came in like ‘Is she still alive?’ ‘She has gone into prostitution’ and last time I heard something from he she was working for a telephone company. Myself saw her the last time in a news program on a local television station when she was complaining that she still earned a lot of money from the Laser Organisation. So does anybody know where Liz is working nowadays. Answers as always to Hknot@home.nl

Liz West (photo OEM)

Next we go to Steve Allen: ‘I had been listening to the new Big L - Radio London since it started. To begin with, it was exciting but I've now stopped listening and listen to Radio Mi Amigo 192 instead (www.radio-miamigo.nl).

The reason is quite simply that this isn't Radio London at all. I started to think 'What makes this Big L'? Nothing, apart from the occasional jingle. Heavy music from 10.00 pm, vintage Sunday, with records as far back as the 50's, an occasional BBC style news bulletin - just a station of odds and ends and nothing to do with the original Radio London. I am very disappointed at this wasted opportunity. Before it came along, I was the biggest English fan of Radio 192 and I listen to Radio Mi Amigo now because it is more like Radio 192 than any other station and more like the original Radio Mi Amigo than Radio London is like the original. I have spoken to Ray Anderson, the owner of this so-called Radio London and he insists that the original news format is now out of date and that there is a demand for the Virgin Radio / Arrow Rock style music. 'Who wants to listen to Tom Jones in the night?', he said. He thinks he's got it right. On their website, there is no mention of the fact that Radio London was a pirate station and no picture of the Galaxy (the name of their ship). If any of your other readers agree with me then the time to strike is now. Let him know if you want to hear Big L back exactly as it was. The telephone number which they give out on air is, from England, 0871 855 1395. The e-mail address is admin@bigl.co.uk

I am at this moment happily listening to Martien Engel on Radio Mi Amigo 192 and can I take this opportunity via the report to wish everyone at Mi Amigo all the very best. Many of the deejays are sure to remember me from the guest book of Radio 192 as 'Steve from Bournemouth, Engeland'.

Finally, thanks for your marvellous reports. How you manage to write so much never ceases to amaze me. I am also pleased to hear an advert for your latest book on Mi Amigo.’ All the very best Steven Allan.’

Well Steve it’s not me who writes so much for the report, it mostly comes from you and other readers. The only thing I do is editing it and answering the questions. So compliments have to go to those who sent in their contributions too!. 

Yes and than we come back to the subject Radio London. Directly after The New Big L came on the air I already gave an interview to Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant in which I told that it is impossible to reincarnate any radio station in the same form as let’s say 40 years ago. Time has changed, we have changed, the music has changed and so on. And what is wrong with the new Big L compared with Wonderful Radio London in those days. Ray is programming is almost like it was done in the sixties. Playing a lot of nice oldies, entering new songs in the program from which we have partly not heard at all before and bringing alternative programming in the late evening. Yes, the music has changed totally and there are ‘tunes and songs’ we dislike, but playing back old London programs there is also a lot of awful stuff played in those days. I think, reading also some news groups, that most people are dissatisfied as they’re too much focused on what they heard on music in the sixties, but the format hasn’t been changed too much. Even a certain guy in England told in a news group that he thought we won’t have Big L anymore with Christmas. Only one advice: Be happy, stay happy as we finally have a radio station next to others we love (anyone of the readers have their favourite stations) and so you can choose from one more other station too: Big L. 

Anyone having other ideas are free to mail me.

On Saturday June 11th in the program ‘Markt und Medien’ on Deutschlandfunk attention was paid to the fact so many new radio stations are using names of former offshore radio stations. In the program interviews with Ray Anderson, who still thinks he was the biggest admirer of the station in the sixties. He told about his new station. Next there was Peter Moore who told what the strength nowadays Caroline is: making radio without the eyes of the shareholders. Attention was paid also too Radio Seagull, Veronica, Radio Noordzee and the two stations nowadays using the name Laser Radio. 

Talking about nowadays Radio Noordzee I can mention that the Talpa owned station has been sold to the Flemish Persgroup and the name of the station will be renamed into QMusic in July. With lesser talk and more music the new station will try to get a bigger share on the Dutch Radio Market.

In the past we had David Lord Sutch who tried to get into the Parliament with his Monster Raving Looney Party. Nowadays it’s Dennis King, well known (maybe a little notorious) in Caroline days 1973-1974, who wants to be big. He thinks that he will be the next German Chancellor from 2006 up till 2034. All info about gentleman Denis King can be found at: http://dennis-king-dev.tripod.com


Advertisement: Interested in a coffee mug with a picture of the REM island on it? The mug will be on sale from July 15th. The price is 5 Pounds including packing and postage. 

Available from:

SMC P.O Box 53121

And if you are interested in a boat trip organized by the Foundation for Media communication to the REM island, it will be held on September 10th in Scheveningen. Price 7 Pounds. The trip starts at 1600 hours from the Dr. Lelykade in Scheveningen Second Binnenhaven with one of the ships of Jacques Vrolijk Shipping Company. For more information call Foundation for Media Communication at 0031 20 6621141 or e mail at olt@xs4all.nl


Interesting to read on internet are (the above mentioned) interviews with Ray Anderson and Peter Moore done by Peer-Axel Kroeske. He has put them on the internet: http://www.radiovibrations.com/offshore.htm

How to make someone happy after an e mail came in from a certain Steve Groome: To our Dutch contributors mainly, but to anyone who remembers RNI in 1970/71. Does anyone of you remember a record played and raved about by the jocks called ‘Follow me’ by Linda Van Dijck. Whenever this record was played by the RNI deejays they went weak at the knees. If anyone does remember this record, and knows if its still available in Holland I would pay a kings ransom for it.’

Lucky Steve as I could sent him not only the record, which is called ‘Seduction Song’, but also a nice sexy photograph of lovely Linda. And maybe some of the former RNI deejays, reading the report, fell in love with her again.

Seduction girl Linda van Dijck

Steve answered me with: ‘What can I say, I’ve been seduced by Linda’s stunning beauty and her voice. I cant stop playing this fantastic record. Its sounds exactly as I remember hearing it all those years ago on RNI. I now know why the guys were so knocked out when they played this track whilst looking at the record sleeve. I did not think I would ever get to hear this record again. Sincerest thanks to you for the mp3 and lovely picture of Linda. Best regards. Steve.’

Anyone interested in the song just simply ask me in an e mail.

News for anyone remembering Charlie Wolf from Laser 558? Well the old SeaWolf had a bouncing baby boy on June 16th at Barnet General Hospital and all three are doing well. He's got hair just like his dad but looks more peaceful. And we want to congratulate Charlie and his wife with the wonder boy of course!

That round’s up a very long report this time. I will have some days off now to go for a five days stay in Southern Limburg, together with Jana, to make some long walks in the beautiful surroundings there. So meanwhile let your news, memories and photos coming in and somewhere next month I will be back with you

Till next time, take care

Hans Knot


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